Proposed project

So, I’m unemployed now, and because I’m a creature of habit, I’ve been peeing on sticks anyway (apparently that’s what I do now). I *may* have held my pee for too long this AM (not sure if it was my first pee of the day at 11 or not), since it looked almost positive this morning, I retested at 2 and it’s negative. I broke out the wondfo ones now, they’re nice, Latte agrees. 

I’m thinking about taking the guesswork out of OPK interpretation and writing a smart phone app to do it for me. Basically the app would work that I’d point my camera at the stick it’d process the two lines and compare to see if the test was darker or lighter than the control and report the result. It seems simple enough and like it’d be useful. Any thoughts? 


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5 Responses to Proposed project

  1. Lindsay says:

    I think that’s an excellent idea! I would totally use it if I was TTC. Takes the guess work out.

  2. Just get one pack of digital to.double check your positives.

    • DeCaf says:

      That is one solution. 🙂 Giving people more options is a good thing. I know Molly said that her doctor has her use a particular non-digital test for a lh-sensitivity issue, so digital tests may not be the best option for everyone.

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