This cycle is officially FUBAR

So now I’m spotting (only notable after I go number 2), and my boobs hurt. And (TMI alert) I was constipated for the last couple days, which always happens before shark week. I’ll continue to test for the hell of it, but I’m not expecting anything to come up positive (especially since my boobs hurt, last month that was something that happened 3-5 days after the positive OPK test). 

Stress is annoying. When I was in college, and dating a man, whenever I went home to visit my parents, my period would be crazy late. Like, over a week late. When I was sexually active, this lead me to hiding in the mall bathroom waiting on results of a pregnancy test that I had purchased at a drug store my family never ever went to at an hour my mom never ever shopped at with cash. It wasn’t that living with my parents was mentally that unbearable, it wasn’t happy but I knew it would only be a couple months until I could leave again, it was the stress of going from somewhere that I was okay being some version of me (a closeted version, but still) to living under my traditional Catholic parents’ roof. 

Anyway, I hope I get a new job soon and my cycle returns to its former sensible glory. 


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