Pro-Tip to all IT Recruiters out there

Here’s a pro-tip to anyone who wants to work as a recruiter:

If someone tells you that you changed jobs once to be able to enroll their same-sex spouse in health insurance, don’t act like that needs to be kept like a dirty little secret. It’s a great way to alienate talented people who are gay.

It’s two-thousand-fourteen. If the company would have a problem with gay people, don’t recommend me for the job! Geez. 


Apropose of nothing, I randomly had EWCM last night. Despite all my OPKs for the last couple days being very clearly negative. WTF body?


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4 Responses to Pro-Tip to all IT Recruiters out there

  1. mamaetmaman says:

    Yeah, that recruiter needs to be educated! I’ve had EWCM many days before I ovulate. Once or twice in the past year, I had it 6-7 days before ovulation.

    • DeCaf says:

      I’m on CD 18, and I’ve been spotting for most of this cycle. the OPKs were weakly negative a week ago. So basically my reproductive organs are doing something weird is what I take away from this. Or this cycle is going to be crazy long.

  2. butchjax says:

    Yeah, you don’t want to work at a place where you being gay would be weird. In this day and age, that just makes them dinosaurs.

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