Bad Dreams

So this morning I had a cluster of bad dreams. I was expecting to hear back about a couple jobs by now. Waiting is driving me crazy.

1.) I dreamed I was doing a phone interview with an HR recruiter and she basically told me that she felt I had to be worthless because I had been laid off. 

2.) I dreamed my mom told me that she had been in therapy for me liking people who she considered undesirable, and that this had occurred back when I was a suicidal teen (my parents didn’t let me go to therapy then or have medication).

3.) I dreamed that I had to let BoyCat go to a shelter but I could only get him back if he wasn’t adopted in a week. 😦

4.) I dreamed my cousins somehow got to have mini pizzas for communion at church but I couldn’t have a gluten-free host. Also my parents disapproved of my refusal to take a non-gluten-free host. (I don’t go to church except for weddings and funerals). 

So, yeah. I’m never sleeping in again. I only get weird dreams if I sleep in.


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4 Responses to Bad Dreams

  1. Lindsay says:

    Sounds like they were a mixed bag of your insecurities coming out. Awful! I hate dreams like that.

  2. That all sounds horrible except the mini pizza communion. I’d totally go back to church for that.

  3. mamaetmaman says:

    I have messed up dreams once in a while too. I sometimes think about writing them down but once I reflect on them, I just get so weirded out I figure “it’s better not to document this”. Lol.

  4. I get terrible dreams when I sleep in too.

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