Everything will work out fine

So I have a second interview at one place tomorrow (and they want someone ASAP so I *may* end up working Monday). I looked at my calendar, and there have only been three workweek days where I didn’t have at least one interview since I was laid off. I am an interviewing champion.

Also, I finally got my W2 and started plugging away at TT. All I can say is, holy crap being a married homeowner is a good choice regarding getting a great refund. All my stupid debt will be wiped out as soon as it goes through and we’ll start our little nest egg for the baby. ❤


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3 Responses to Everything will work out fine

  1. twogeekmoms says:

    Good luck with the interview! You really are a champion! And yes being married certainly helped our taxes this year too! Certainly helps with the baby making. 😉

  2. that’s great news about the tax refund. I know being an unrecognized married person was nice to me, but I’m worried now that my marriage is recognized at both state and federal that our combined income is going to put us in the hole. Good thing we’ll have a dependent next year! Good luck with the interview. You have definitely been busy.

  3. mamaetmaman says:

    Good luck! Seems like you’re doing a fine job though with your interviewing and job hunting skills!

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