The Pucky Princess

So, this morning Puppy decided that what she needed to do was to eat sugar-free gum. So we ended up inducing vomiting this morning. And I called her my pucky princess.

Last night we finally got around to watching Frozen. On the one hand, it had nice themes of learning to be yourself and sisterhood, on the other hand it had horrible pacing. Mostly it was trying to have too many subplots going for the movies it was. It also did not need to have the snowman singing about summer.

Both Latte and myself liked Hans’ horse a lot. He was by far my favorite character. 🙂

Today I have one phone interview. Tomorrow I have two in person interviews. I’m still waiting to hear back from the in person interview I had Friday. 

To keep up on doing being-human stuff I’ve started doing HabitRPG. It’s mildly fun although I have no idea why my HP keep going down every day.


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One Response to The Pucky Princess

  1. colormeanew says:

    thankyou for your opinion on frozen, Ive been waiting to watch it myself

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