Second Offer

So I’ve got two offers now. The second is lower than the first. I’m still waiting on a question about the starting date from the first (seeing if they want to bump it up since I’m spending too much time looking at Maury show animated gifs). I’m going to try to get it sorted out by the end of the day and have fun at my ruby-hacking local event that I live two blocks from (so I figure, why not?). 

I feel more confident negotiating now that I know I have options. Just I don’t really like waiting. This does not bode well for the TWW in my future, lol.

Does anyone know where there are any guides to crafting a counter proposal? Or am I over-thinking it and should I just email an edited document nearly identical to the one they sent me?


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10 Responses to Second Offer

  1. Lindsay says:

    Congrats on the second offer! Go with your gut – whatever it tells you in regards to which one to take.

    Just send an edited document of the one they sent you for your counter-offer, btw.

  2. butchjax says:

    I would google it, since it’s not something I’m good with either. I would encourage you to take the time to do so though. You know how women end up making less than men much of the time? Inherent (often subconscious) bias and because women don’t fight for what they are worth. You are worth more than they are offering, and they’re likely hoping you’ll take the low offer so they save some money. So, do you feel you would contribute more to them than they are offering? If so, state that. Sell yourself again, remind them of your value, and then propose a counter offer. 🙂 You know people want you, or you wouldn’t have two offers. This could be a great learning experience for you!

    The timing will be right before long for a baby, and you’ll know it. Good luck!

    • DeCaf says:

      It is! I ended up countering, not for that much more (~$3k, if you’re curious), but if I get it I’ll feel like a rockstar. 🙂

      • butchjax says:

        That’s awesome! See, by countering, you just expanded your life by fighting for your worth and what you want. That’s super awesome! That choice is going to affect your life in ways you likely won’t even see. 🙂 Well done!

  3. Pops says:

    omg congrats you are on a roll!!! I would just edit your offer. An edit to an offer rather than a re-write also makes it easier to accept. They wont have to figure out what else you changed other than the pay and maybe extra vacation days 🙂 If you speak to them, you can also be frank and say you have several offers on the table, but really would like to take this job if they could come in at ____salary/pay. good luck! It doesn’t hurt to counter the other either.. just a thought. Exciting!!! I love negotiations.

  4. Molly says:

    You should read up on Salary negotiations on LinkedIn. You’ll get different perspectives. I read through the first few articles here, and they all provide valuable food for thought:

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