So, apparently I’m “irregular” according to fertility friend


So yeah. Irregular. Most of the time I remember my cycles being about 30-35 days. This last one was long, I’m more skeptical of the first one being so short (27 days is super short for me). 

I’m kind of glad I have a few extra cycles to figure it out. Thank goodness for cheap OPKs. 

Also here’s a preview of my app:





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4 Responses to So, apparently I’m “irregular” according to fertility friend

  1. Have you read “Taking charge of your fertility”? It really dives into charting on a whole other level. It helped me really be able to pin point my first and last dYnamic of my cycle as well as when and if I was ovulation. There is a good chance that your just not charting correctly.

    • DeCaf says:

      I haven’t. I should get around to getting a copy of it. At least I’m fairly certain I’m ovulating regularly, even if what day it happens varies.

      • As long as our ovulating you good. It just might impose on your wanting to do it at home. That’s a huge reason I can’t, I ovulate just irregularly so they have to monitor me and do it in clinic.

  2. X says:

    For what it’s worth, I have the exact same cycle length data over 18 cycles and FF is not concerned; it’s definitely one of those programs that gets to know you as time goes on.

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