To refill or not

So I have under two weeks of my pills left. My wife and I both agree that I should go off of them for the pregnancy (heart defect risk increase and well babies go through withdrawal after birth, and I’m mildly less horrible than an inconsolable baby). I’ve got under two weeks of pills left and we’re not going to start trying until June, so I’m on the fence is this is the time to wean myself off of them or not.


I’ll be completely used to being off of meds by the time we start trying.

Also pills are expensive (I don’t have insurance until May 😦 ).

I’ll be migraine-free! 


The pills make me saner (fewer constant unrealistic worries). And I’m starting a new job soon.

TTC-ing is still kind of a long way off. 


Any thoughts on going off of eff.exor? I’ve done it before, when I was in college. Tapering off wasn’t bad, I didn’t get the scary side effects that make people need to go to a different med in the going off process. 


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6 Responses to To refill or not

  1. Do t do it. At least not yet. Take it from someone on Lexapro, you want all the sanity you can get during this process. Both my psychologist and multiple doctors have assured me that tapering off once pregnancy is confirmed will do no harm. It’s the second and third trimester that affect the baby.

  2. Consult your prescribing doctor about it. With the stress of starting a new job you might not want to make too many changes at once. Maybe get your feet wet and decide from there. How long does it take the meds to leave your body, 2-3 weeks right? You have plenty of time to safely ween off of it by the time you are ready to TTC and in the meantime you can put in place some other stress reduction/management tools. It’s a tough decision, good luck!

  3. Molly says:

    I agree–give yourself another month+ of meds to get through the first weeks of the new job. June is still months away–start tapering off in April instead, maybe.

  4. butchjax says:

    Always tricky. For me it’s my asthma inhaler. It’s on the borderline of safe. I decided it’s safer for my lungs to be healthy. But if it was definitively linked to problems, like effexor, I’d go off it. As to when, it sounds like there are good suggestions to give it one more month for the transition. And I’d reiterate having your Bars run, as that will make a big difference and disperse the stress that is coming up.

    Good luck!

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