I feel better about the blog-stuff today. I think I’m just going to post random stuff. Some TTC (I’m doing something I said I wouldn’t, and charting my temperature, but that’s mostly because I have time to kill and it keeps me from wasting all of the OPK strips I have), some PLL, and some random things.

My job is still going well. Doing interesting things, I can’t wait to actually start coding. Also MDX is kind of scary. My boss has been out of town since Monday, so I’ve just been busy getting overviews of stuff and testing stuff. I’m still good at breaking stuff.

Also my coworker has the most adorable 1yr old. She’s sooo cute and very smiley. 🙂 She gave me big smiles this morning that made my grumpy go away.

Temping is huge pain in the butt. This morning I was elbowed hard in the arm, like my wife must’ve rolled over onto the non-boney-part of my arm. It hurt. A lot. And I couldn’t get back to sleep because the dog started making noise. And I needed to pee. And I was feeling annoyed.

This would’ve been the second temperature I took without relying on the (faulty) memory. I bought a thermometer that claimed it could recall the last temp recorded, turns out it only remembers one number (97.70). Not very useful. Oh well. This is mostly for my amusement and to sooth my paranoia about whether I actually ovulate or not. And LH-surge + temp shift = for sure ovulation right?

About Pretty Little Liars… I just want to know what the hell is going on with Ezra. I don’t know if the show is brilliant or horrible sometimes. I need to rewatch season 4A, I’ve forgotten a lot of details.


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