The post in which I have thoughts about Pretty Little Liars

This contains spoilers if you haven’t seen last week’s episode. 

If Ezra is just “writing a true-crime book” why was he giving Cece Drake money? I get that Cece knew Alison well, and he could be paying her for information, but it seems like too big of a coincidence for it to just happen to be the person who is Red Coat who is the only person Ezra pays for information. Maybe that is the case. 

Also, are they ever going to let us know who the heck killed those two cops? I kind of doubt it’s actually Cece Drake acting as Red Coat. A isn’t really a murderer in the TV show as much as they are in the books. Maya was believed to have been killed by A, only for it to be revealed that she was done in by crazy “Cousin Nate.”

It sounds like Marlene King wants us to believe (at least for now) than Ezra is a relatively innocent man. But then again, she also had said that this sub-season (Season 4B) would reveal to the Liars that Ezra is A and deal with the fallout from it. And the whole Toby being part of the A team misleading. 

Personally, I feel that Ezra is suspicious still. If you watch the scene with Aria in his cabin, you’ll notice his liar of surveillance is gone, yet why did he clumsily leave his manuscript in an obvious hiding spot? I really think that the novel writing is a cover up for what his real motive is. I’m not saying he’s A, I’m just saying he’s not just a consummate morally bankrupt novelist. 



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2 Responses to The post in which I have thoughts about Pretty Little Liars

  1. seasonofbabylove says:

    I don’t believe anything Ezra says, he’s the biggest creep of all. He claims he didn’t know Ali’s age but then did the exact same thing with Aria, risking being arrested for statutory rape just for a book? And he says he really fell for her but just watched her getting tortured for months without doing anything (mind you A never really went after Aria) I hope we see Cece again and I miss crazy Melissa. Did you read all the books?

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