Temping question

So I’ve been temping. I thought it had been going well (except for Puppy biting the thermometer and making the last digit a guess sometimes) then this happened:



So it says I’ve ovulated? But my OPK test came back negative (very negative, no hint of a line). The only thing I’ve really done differently for the past three days is work out, but I’ve been doing that at night, like 7 pm. Does that affect your basal body resting temperature? 

Also ignore the discarded temps, they were mostly from when I thought my thermometer had the memory it claims to have and then from when I was rudely awakened by a tossing and turning wife who elbowed me hard.


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5 Responses to Temping question

  1. AndiePants says:

    it DOES look like you ovulated . . .but you can also keep going and see what happens. I don’t think working out would impact anything – you’re not waking up later or going to bed at a different time? Also, looks like you had EW fluid right before, so that would make sense, too. Good luck!

  2. Looks about right to me. Some LH strips won’t register a surge (get your money back) also some reproductive issues can cause you to have no surge as well. Have you been fully tested?

  3. working out the night before shouldn’t affect your temperature. Maybe you ovulated, but keep temping just to see what happens. Occasionally I’d get a couple fluke high temps in a cycle pre-ovulation, but I don’t know you had the EWCM and it’s been up a few days, maybe your OPKs expired or you got a bad batch?

  4. X says:

    Agree with others, also wondering if you may have missed surge due to timing of testing. Some women have super long surges, others have fairly short ones that are picked up only at certain times of the day. I’ve always had luck with morning urine but many women swear by late morning/ early afternoon testing.

  5. theartist says:

    Tracking is so much fun! 😉 Are you doing the OPK’s once a day or more? You could have just missed the surge.

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