Happy day derailed.

Thanks for all your feedback about my charting. This morning when I saw my temp it really sank in, I did ovulate (now no more peeing in a cup for opks for the month). I’m not sure why, but after I ovulate, when I know I’ve ovulated I always feel happy. Like – Look what I did! It’s not very rational, as the majority of women in my age range ovulate, but still I feel impressed by my own body. 

Today was a good day, got things done at work, am making good progress. On a whim I planned a date for Latte and myself. As you could probably guess if you saw the posting time (7 pm) it did not happen. 

I had wanted to go to first-ring-suburb mall and go out to eat/drink, window shopping, pick up some things, go see a movie (something fun, Lego Movie or The Wind Rises). And then go home. I figured I could have a drink with dinner, because since the shopping and movie would go for a while, I’d have time to sober up completely. 

But when I got home Latte was in a mood about winter still being here. I can’t do anything about it, so after going on some rants about the weather and suggesting things that she decided against after I agreed to them, she started planning out a much more expensive date (like $200), then gave up when I pointed out it wasn’t in our budget (I don’t get my first paycheck for two more weeks) and shut herself in our room saying that she wanted to be left alone. 

It’s frustrating sometimes, I know it’s the S.A.D. talking, and that if I had made sure she was taking her medicine as directed it wouldn’t be this bad, but still. I was just looking forward to the simple thing of sharing a meal with her, walking around looking at things, and then going to see a movie we’d both enjoy. Just little things. 

Now I’m blogging and she’s sulking, playing Candy Crush. I may password protect this later, but I just need to vent for now. 


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4 Responses to Happy day derailed.

  1. Lindsay says:

    Oh, dear. 😦 I have S.A.D. and I know how it really does put a dark grey cloud over everything. I hope you two get this night turned around so you can enjoy each other’s company just a little!

    • DeCaf says:

      Oops never mind, she just emerged from the bedroom to let me know her period has started… And she’s feeling better. She kind of gets once-a-month crazies. It’s better now.

  2. mamaetmaman says:

    I suffer a bit from SAD too, and DW gets MAD PMS! Neither are very much fun, but better managed when identified. Lol. Glad she came to.

  3. Ugh im sorry. Mental health issues are hard on those suffering but also so hard on those around them.

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