All Better

Last night was a fluke. My wife is back to her normal happy self. 🙂 

We spent a good part of the day shopping with MtnDew in the most depressing suburb ever. Well probably not, but certainly the most depressing first-ring suburb I’ve been to in the area. But we had a super awesome night last night. 🙂

I’m honestly surprised how well temping is working for me. My only thought is that I wish I had a thermometer that 1.) Had a backlight. 2.) My puppy didn’t destroy the last digit display by biting. I’m beginning to suspect she may have a hard time adjusting to no longer being the baby of the family.


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3 Responses to All Better

  1. You should make sure you get a new bbt thermometer.

    • DeCaf says:

      I’ve kind of adjusted to this one. It seems to work well enough, despite all of it’s flaws. It forces me to get up earlier and not sleep in as much. I can tell what the last digit is most of the time.

  2. twogeekmoms says:

    Glad to hear your wife is back to normal. I completely empathize with what that feels like. And I’m thinking our dogs might have a tough time too once they are no longer the only “children” around here. Here’s hoping it all goes smoothly and they are just best friends. 🙂

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