11 things about me

Since this is trendy, I’m doing it!

1.) I was almost born at 4-5 months. My mom went into preterm labor and ended up in the hospital. They were going to transfer her to a hospital that had a good NICU department in case I was born. They gave her too much magnesium to relax the contractions and it affected her heart, and they needed to give her epinepherine. They also sent in a nun to talk to her about how if I was born then I probably would die, and would be very sickly if I managed to live. I made it to just full term.

2.) My only sibling is my younger brother and he doesn’t have as interesting of an origin story. He was born late and cried a lot, that’s all I’ve really been able to pick up.

3.) According to my parents they timed their children using Natural Family Planning (they are super Catholic). They wanted more than they had: my brother was born when my mom was 35 and there were none after that.

4.) Both my mother and grandmother miscarried their first pregnancies. 

5.) Growing up I was closer to my mother’s side of the family than my father’s. My brother was treated better by my dad’s side of the family than me because he was the only boy for many years.

6.) My wife is the only woman I’ve slept with and shares the same first name as my high school crush. That’s about where the similarities end. Also, she’s not the first woman I’ve dated. 

7.) I didn’t watch Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer until I was an adult. My mom is uber Catholic, and it was too secular. 

8.) The first pet my wife and I got, we had gone to PetCo for a Betta Fish. 

9.) I went to Jewish Preschool, Catholic K-12. I am not Jewish, not even distantly.

10.) I worked for a man for three years right out of college who kept on telling me where to buy gluten-free matzo for passover. 

11.) I have always loved computers, being a programmer is my ideal career. 

That is all


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5 Responses to 11 things about me

  1. Random as hell, bun nonetheless interesting.

  2. colormeanew says:

    This is going to sound weird but I’ve always wondered if older catholics believed in natural family planning because I’m very sure my parents just didn’t care

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