Friday we got to talking and Latte began to read Confessions of the Other Mother, as she was starting to feel a bit anxious about possibly being a non-gestational parent, she felt she got out of it what she wanted after reading a few stores. Then, she decided yesterday that she needed to get a baby name book, and we went to Target and Barnes and Nobel in search of one. And we picked between the one they had. She’s been looking at baby names a lot today.

They had a copy of Taking Charge of Your Fertility. I considered buying it. Decided against it. Fertility Friend seems to be alright, although they decided that they were wrong about my ovulation date, by two days. If that’s right, I’ve had two cycles with a luteal phase of 11 days. Dr Google seems to think 11 days is good enough, so I’m not going to worry about it. And besides, if FF is wrong, I have a luteal phase of 13 days, which is pretty good in anyone’s books. 


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8 Responses to Books

  1. We checked out Confessions of the Other Mother and She looks just like you from our library. She looks just like you was a better read but maybe not as good as baby name books!

    • DeCaf says:

      Ah, I had heard that one was a bit of a downer. I think Confessions worked best for my wife as she read a few stories, said she felt better but that she doesn’t want to finish the book because she doesn’t want to over-think it. I do want to read She Looks Just Like You though. I’ve heard good things about it.

  2. Taking charge of you fertility is a great book. Very informative for us reproducing lesbos that need all the timing in the world.

  3. Molly says:

    My luteal phase has been 11-13 days. I mentioned it to two doctors and neither seemed very concerned.

    I’ve been sort of afraid to have Catch read any of the non-gestational stuff out there. I know she wouldn’t even think to look for it on her own. So it didn’t freak latte out at all?

    • DeCaf says:

      She hasn’t been any more freaked out than she already was. Latte’s a very thoughtful person about some things. She has anxiety about being seen as “mom”-enough, and while she doesn’t want to pass on her genes, she feels weird about how the child will have my DNA but not her’s. Etc.

  4. Lemon Drop says:

    I know a lot of non-gestational parents who were turned off by Confessions. At one point some of the parents in the GLBTQ NGP Facebook group were thinking about soliciting stories for additional perspectives. I don’t know what became of that, but the group is a pretty good resource of Latte is looking for an outlet for anxieties, frustrations, etc. associated with non-gestational parenthood. I don’t know quite how to direct her to it, since both it and its membership are secret, but I found my way there through another parent in a geographically-oriented queer parenting forum (also on FB). I think the NGP group may have spun off of a discussion group on Babycenter? I don’t know, since I was never part of that original group. But a bunch of people in the group who blog have less anonymous links between their blog and Facebook alter egos.

    Love baby name books. Have you visited yet? It’s amazing. Taking Charge of Your Fertility is also great; our copy is on loan to at least the third friend of ours at the moment.

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