These are a big of random updates:

1.) Latte found the blog, I just want to say that I really don’t post enough about how wonderful she is. This blog is mostly “things I don’t have someone to talk about with anyone else” which is generally TTC stuff, and when I’m frustrated with things. In case anyone got a wrong impression about her, she’s very smart, funny, caring, and honestly one of the best people I ever met. Her dedication to her convictions and to doing what’s right blow me away constantly. Also, she is my favorite person in the whole world to talk to. She’s very smart and witty. 

2.) The New Job continues to be awesome. I like the people I work with and am learning a lot. I’m really enjoying the technologies I’m working with and how non-crazy the environment is. 

3.) We’re still on for April. We haven’t picked a donor yet. We should do that. I went to the site, selected as “favorites” everyone who was CMV negative who had (or may have) ICI samples and we went through the list. Latte vetoed some because of their voice. I’m mildly concerned because there’s only 1 in our group of four who has “extra” information- like a voice clip and a childhood photo. I may look at other sites. Not sure. Also, only one donor is described as out-going. And only one has a verified pregnancy. 

4.) Our friend MtnDew has a new dog. He’s been a hermit because he wants to bond with the dog. 

5.) Spring is here! Of course, It was 20 outside this morning and I was outside happy as a clam without hat or gloves, so my definition of spring may be different than others’. Also 50 is no-coat weather. 

6.) I’ve stopped eating the salty corn chips and I fit into my jeans better. 🙂 Plain air-popped popcorn is the healthy alternative I’m using. 

7.) I’ve started replaying Pokemon. Because after kidlet appears I won’t have time to. And I really enjoyed the game when I was in high school.I was a very young teenager for my age, lol. 


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4 Responses to Updates

  1. I may have missed a post where you complained about Latte, but I never had the impression that she was anything but a lovely person 🙂 Welcome Latte!

    Yes, if you are starting in April, you may want to find a donor now 🙂

    You are lucky it is getting to be spring where you are! We just got slammed with a huge 2 foot snowstorm Wednesday into Thursday 😦 At least I had two days off mid-week, but it was not very fun!

    • DeCaf says:

      We just decided on the donor a few hours after I posted that. 🙂 We found one we both really liked (although he sounded a little crazy) but alas, he was sold out (so I’m guessing others liked him a lot too). So we’re going to be going with our second choice.

  2. Wow lots of news – congrats on having lovely Latte, picking a donor AND being so vigilant about avoiding the salty chips (so hard!)

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