We have a winner!

So last night Latte and I went through the available donor list. We crossed out a couple of the sites since they want to nickle and dime you to death to just look at information about the donors. We found a guy at a non-local bank whose sense of humor we both liked. He seemed a bit manic, in that all of his essays were easily twice to three times as long as other’s. Also his life’s philosophy appeared to be basically a dozen fortune cookies. We both liked his reason for donating (he wants to preserve the red-hair gene), but alas, he was sold out. I’m sure others who read my blog have come across this donor. He’s with NW.Cryo.

We went with one the local bank has. The Lit guy. I think we need to order him early next month or something, IDK. He has an ID Option, so I guess that’s good? I don’t have anything against the kid knowing who their donor is, and it’s not like the donor is someone who wants to co-parent, so it’s not anything that makes Latte or myself feel threatened.

Other than that life’s been good. We’re both kind of disappointed that the Pretty Little Liars season finale is next week, but are both happy that Emily finally dumped Paige. Paige is kindda controlling, and scary when she’s mad. 

I’m still doing 30 day shred stuff a few times a week. It’s to the point where if I do the easy version I’m not dead at the end, so of course I keep pushing myself. 🙂


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