Pretty Little Lairs Season 4 Finale

The episode may have been called “A is for Answers” but the episode left me with more questions than answers. I was able to watch it shortly after it aired, so instead of waiting a day, I can post about it today. I can’t really talk about it much without spoilers, so if you haven’t seen it yet and want to avoid spoilers, please discontinue reading.

Holy crap they brought a lot of people back. I was surprised at Melissa reappeared, and Spencer had two parents again. I wasn’t surprised by the lack of Emily’s parents (outside of name dropping on a phone call). But seriously, the number of characters who were missing from this episode was very small. (Also if I hadn’t been reading the books I would’ve forgotten Noel Khan even existed he’s been gone from the show for so long).

Ali spent a lot of the episode crying. She goes through the events of the night, skipping over the part of that was on video (probably because Ian’s receding hairline would’ve been even more obvious if we compared it to how it was years ago when that footage was first shot). She explained to Aria that Ezra wasn’t as bad of a guy as he looked.

Also, apparently when she was afraid she was pregnant, she was either lying or had yet another boyfriend? Since apparently Ian and Ezra both hadn’t slept with her. Granted she is known to be a liar. Chronically. And that’s what made this episode kind of frustrating for me. I have no idea how much of it was true. Is it bad writing or a lie? Also, Mona’s actress is amazing.

I rolled my eyes at the end where Ezra got shot trying to protect the girls. What I *really* want to know is how in the hell did he just happen to be there? Also, stalking is super creepy, even if it’s because you’re in love with a 17 yr old and you’re 25, no wait, that makes it even more creepy. And the whole “he didn’t love me, he was just obsessively fascinated by my severe personality disorder” really isn’t that much better. Congrats Ezra, you’ve gone from being a possible predator to being just weird/creepy. At least there’s no tale of how he likes Happy Meals, like there was in the books. In the books he just set my creeper radar off constantly. Also he wrote a book about his affair with Aria and then ditched her for a Finnish exchange student who liked to play dumb.

Anyway besides establishing that Jessica Dilaurentis is a horrible person in addition to being crazy and that Melissa could’ve really ended all this mess in season 1 if she had her Ali-related shit together as much as she has the rest of her life together, I really didn’t get much out of this episode. From what I’ve heard, Ali will be “out” as alive in the next season. Also Caleb is coming back. Turns out his spin-off spun-out and got the ax.

I was really annoyed at how they’re really forcing the mystery to continue. Basically Melissa and Jessica both know who is after Ali, but now Jessica is dead. Ali is scared and frankly kind of obnoxious. I liked her in small doses. She’s just so scheming that talking to her seems worthless. She’d rather play head games than get to the bottom of things (like how she told the girls that they knew what happened that night, which is total B.S.).

I have to say, Toby is looking pretty guilty. He is the one who has the least convincing alibi (“he thanked me”) for not being “A.”

Latte’s been reading fan theory sites and seems to find the theory that Jason has an evil twin sister or something. I kind of hope not, my favorite mysteries are the ones that take place on a train or in another sealed environment. Just like how I don’t like too much supernatural in my mysteries. All the rules must be known, and so the reader/viewer should have some chance of guessing who did it.

I liked Ezra as A for that reason, he was an established character. It’s too bad that his character didn’t have a super good reason for not helping Aria, who is “his one true love” or whatever.

I don’t know about any of you but if I truly loved someone and thought I knew who was harassing/threatening them, I’d tell them, or find someway to neutralize that persons’ threat. Sitting on that information wouldn’t even cross my mind. I don’t think I’m that weird this way.

Anyway I think I need to watch the episode a few more times and re-watch the kissing rock stuff. I feel like the tone of that scene has been changed. There’s a lot I want to rewatch. It’s too bad I don’t really have the time.

How sexually precocious Ali presents herself as is really disturbing. The actress is obviously of age and everything, but you have to remember that a lot of the scenes were supposed to have taken place when the girl was 14-15. The pregnancy scare, the multiple significantly older boyfriends, etc. Latte brought up how it seemed like Ali may have been sexually abused, which would make sense of her seeking out so many older guys, and acting in a knowing enough way to pass as 5-6 years older than she is. I don’t know if all of the specificity of her not having had sex with Ezra/Ian is to make that seem less likely, but I still have to roll my eyes. Not having full-blown intercourse really isn’t the gold standard for not being a child molester. I’m pretty sure making out and coping a feel on a minor would also get you in trouble.

Anyway this was probably way TL;DR for most of you guys who aren’t fans of the show.


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  1. Diva M says:

    A little behind on your post but just love your recap of PLL. I’m with you on everything.

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