So I ovulated on Tuesday, the same day I got a super dark positive OPK in the morning. This is really good to know. After I start to bleed I’ll be better able to time when I pick up the internet jizz (before I get a positive result). Also thank you safe-search for letting me know I spelled it correctly by blocking all results.

I’ve finished weaning off of Ef.fexor. I had a super-bad headache for a few days, and I figured that was withdrawal (and I was grateful I could safely medicate with painkillers and that a newborn wasn’t having to go through it instead of me), but then Latte had a severe headache too, so it may have been a random head cold or something not related to medication? At any rate it was only a couple days, and I was able to work and wasn’t that disabled.

My legs finally feel back to normal so I did 15 minutes on the treadmill yesterday. It’s odd the more I exercise the better my legs recover quickly from previous exercise (I was rough after doing the 20 minute run until I did the stationary bike during my lunch break at work). BTW I never took more than a day to recover from a workout until I hit 30. 

I hope to get up to running for 30 minutes soon, since that will be pretty close to 3.1 miles. Is it bad that I still have a goal of doing a 5k this summer even if I’m pregnant? I think doing something like a half-marathon or being super competitive with a 5k would be bad, but just doing one for the sake of doing one should be okay even if I’m pregnant right? Of course knowing my luck, I could end up those pregnant women who gets horrible morning sickness and can’t do much.


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6 Responses to Resolutions

  1. Molly says:

    Great job on the running (and the ovulating? Lol)! I’m with you… It’s harder to recover from ANYTHING the older I get. Since I started running, my hips are sore in the morning pretty much every day. Stretching helps, but not totally. Yay for Tylenol!

    I keep reading that running is fine when you’re pregnant, but after everything we will have been through by then, I’m betting I’ll be walking. I was going to sign up for an Avengers 10k at Disneyland in a few months, but I’m hoping I’ll be pregnant by then and I know I’ll be too chicken to run 10k pregnant.

    • DeCaf says:

      I’m really impressed by your dedication, btw, I know I tried to run earlier this week and my legs were so sore I had to give up after a couple minutes.

  2. Word of advise plan you life as if your not going to be pregnant, otherwise you let go of a lot of your desires and if you do become pregnant you can always reevaluate.

    • DeCaf says:

      Very true. I don’t think I’d be up for a marathon even without pregnancy, a 5k is more my speed. I read an article about how marathons can be bad for your heart, I’m just going to stick with my 5k no matter what I think. 🙂 I didn’t mean to give the impression otherwise.

  3. My mom, who had a serious chronic illness and was never athletic, ran a 10k while pregnant with me. Oh, and I was a hard-won clomid baby.

    The only lasting effect has been making me feel seriously out classed in the pregnancy department.

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