CD1 but not for me

So my wife started bleeding today. Out of boredom I’m going to start tracking her cycle on the notes for ff for my chart. I’m trying to take good notes about what my symptoms of PMS are and when they happen (it turns out I naturally cramp a little about 8DPO about a week before I bleed).

I think I’m definitely going to buy a pokemon game after inseminating and may just post about that for two weeks (I hope that doesn’t offend anyone, I just find that game addicting I like collecting cute stuff). 


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2 Responses to CD1 but not for me

  1. mamaetmaman says:

    Lol. I like the data that comes out of tracking my cycle. I find I get mad and super angry 8 DPO. Not sure why, but makes it easy to avoid people on days when I’m more likely to be confrontational! Lol.

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