A non-update Update

So yeah, I’m over my grandma situation now. Being off my meds, I feel like I’m about to cry at the drop of a hat about everything. I really hate that feeling. When I’m on meds I only feel that way when I’m about to bleed. 

Speaking of bleeding, dear Auntie is taking her time in getting here. I’m not spotting yet. I’m not sure if it’s because Effexor did a lot of weird shit (this is part of why I want off of it while TTC-ing, it messes with my periods, it makes them lighter and more manageable, which is nice but I’m sure it does that by altering hormones or something maybe?). 

Also, I installed a seatbelt in my car, almost entirely by myself. 🙂 I only needed a garage’s help with getting one bolt out, it was in there crazy tight and I don’t have any pneumatic tools at home. All of the other bolts were easy-peasy to get off. 

I didn’t get the center belt changed, I’m not sure if I have to take the entire seat apart to get to the retraction mechanism or not. It’s a Gen 2 Prius if anyone knows. 


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