Excited but not as excited as I thought I’d be?

So I’m kind of  excited that this will be the cycle? I’m stopped spotting almost entirely, have assembled all the supplies I will need except the sperm, and am just enjoying being right now. This weekend I got the remaining supplies I wanted to get (latex gloves, pre-seed, digital opk, just in case). But I’ve been more focusing on non-baby stuff. I finished a painting project Latte began a couple months ago, our staircase is now nicely painted all one color. I filed our state taxes finally. I wrote my Grandmother a thank you letter (with a polite note about how my dad likes to make crap up when he’s mad at someone). I ran a mile and half. But mostly I’ve been playing pokemon because it’s addictive. 


Here’s BoyCat interferring with this post. The red thing in the corner is the hat of Latte’s garden gnome. 

Also here’s the supplies:


I still have my cheapies and will probably mostly be relying on them for ovulation prediction. But yeah.

I still haven’t heard back from the cryobank about changing the pickup date. I may just call and see if we can get the 14 day tank instead, it’s not a lot more. 

So yeah. That’s my life right now.

In the next couple days I’ll get the epic tale of romance that is Latte and my getting together’s story. (Inspired by this post by the ever awesome Jenn). 

Have a picture of BoyCat hiding in our organ.




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5 Responses to Excited but not as excited as I thought I’d be?

  1. AndiePants says:

    ❤ that you have an ORGAN! Do you play?

    • DeCaf says:

      No, I can barely eek out part of chopsticks on a good day. My wife is much more musical than me, she says she’s just a novice, but I think she’s pretty darn good. It was a $9 Good Will find. Amazingly it fit in the back of my Prius.

  2. Totally distracted right now by pussy/organ jokes….

    Good luck!

  3. I had the same sort of feeling with the first cycle. Like, I’d been so so excited for months, then when it was finally -the- cycle… well, I guess it just finally felt real. It’ll be super exciting again soon, though. 🙂

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