The most romantic thing ever!

🙂 Jenn inspired me to write up a little thing about how Latte and I ended up together. 

Basically once upon a time there was a girl with uber-Catholic parents. She really wanted to make them happy so she dated a boy for many years. While they weren’t entirely happy (he wasn’t uber-Catholic enough), it was what she was going for. Then the boy began to talk about engagement, marriage, and living together (and eventual kids). This made the girl very depressed. As her college graduation loomed in the future with a promise of a dramatic proposal she realized she was dreading the future. She spent a lot of time pondering and realized that she had just been doing what she felt others wanted. 

After a lot of time being single and a lot of thought she realized that the only crushed on other girls. She knew exploring this wasn’t really an option until she was no longer financially dependent on her parents. So she was happily single for a couple years.

After she transitioned from the temp-hell that was science jobs in her area to a permanent full time position and got her own apartment, she decided to start dating. During college she had signed up for a website with a lot of her friends that had many quizzes. Now that she was looking to date, she decided to sign up for the dating site portion of it and created a profile for herself. 

Because she knew exactly one gay boy from her college days, and had only dated a couple (non-gay) boys, she decided it might be a good thing to start slow. Also the L-word and Buffy were all she really had to go on for what lesbians were like. So she signed up on the service as looking for friends.

After a couple crushes on women who just wanted to be friends and a couple friends who had crushes on her that she didn’t reciprocate, she noticed someone was checking out her profile every day or two. She read the girl’s profile and thought that she sounded nice (or at least saner than some of the ladies she had been spending her time with), and figured she would be an addition to her growing circle of glbt friends. 

The other girl seemed happy to have been contacted by her and they arranged to go bowling. After a game or two that nobody quite remembers, they went out for coffee. Many things were discussed, including the merits of Obama vs Hillary, various car crashes, and bosses pet camels (well only one). Unexpected feelings were being developed and the night ended with a hug. (While the one girl had been expecting to make a friend, the other girl had been looking for a hook up). 

Fast forward three or four months, and one of the girls leases was up. It seemed silly for her to get into a new lease by herself since they spent so much time together, so they decided to move in together (in an apartment that one of them could afford by herself if they didn’t work out). Then they got a betta fish

April 2009 after the Supreme Court of Iowa struck down the ban on same-sex marriage, the girls began to discuss the prospect of getting married. They decided that it was what they wanted for their relationship and got married on August 8th, 2009. 

Anyway we’re old boring people, and this telling of the story doesn’t really do justice to Latte’s side of the story, but that’s not mine to tell.

In other news, tomorrow I pick up the swim team (or internet jizz if you’d rather call it that). We ended up upgrading to the 14 day container, since I’ll be picking it up on CD 10, and I tend to ovulate somewhere between CD 14 and CD 21.  It’s worth the relatively small extra cost to just be sure that we can time it just right.


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3 Responses to The most romantic thing ever!

  1. MrsT says:

    That’s exactly how my wife ended up moving in with me so fast. After 2-3 months of dating her lease ran out so why would she get another place when she already stayed at my house all the time anyway! People make fun and say things about U-hauls but I think we’re just smart when it comes to money! Lol

  2. Pops says:

    cute story. My wife and i did the classic U-haul. After our first weekend together she never left and i cleared out room in my closet a couple of months later. lol

  3. theartist says:

    We moved in pretty fast too, for pretty much the same reason. We had been dating for about 6 months. Good luck with the swim team pickup!

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