Hey guys!

So, my mucus is between sticky and eggwhite, it look like sometime this week is going to be go time. I’m at CD13 if any of you are keeping track at home.

My fertility friend calendar looks like this:


Last month it said that I ovulated the same day that I got the positive OPK.  I’m not sure if that was just a one-off or how my body works.

I found this article about timing of insemination vs OPK positive result. It’s kind of ten years old and it’s basic take-home message is “inseminate between 24-42 hours for best results but anything between 18-53 hrs may work”

This article is a bit more specific (24 hrs after positive test +/- 6 hrs), but I only have access to the abstract and it’s kind of even older.

Does anyone know if any more recent articles? I prefer peer-reviewed published scientific articles to midwife/fertility clinic pages. I prefer something that mentions its sample size over something that doesn’t.


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11 Responses to Hey guys!

  1. I’ve looked it up time and time again. My RE seems to thing between 24-36 hours is prime for donor sperm. So basically the day after a positive OPK. Some people say it worked for them 24 hours and others at 48. It’s kinda a carp shoot cause you could have a short or long LP and or catch your LH surge at the beginning or tail end. Sorry I can’t be to helpful but 6 months in and I still have no clue what timing is the “perfect” timing.

  2. butchjax says:

    No need to overthink it. Sperm swims for a while waiting on the egg. 24-36 hours is standard.

  3. shawnih says:

    I agree with ladyloveandbabydust (sorry don’t know your name!) It totally has to do with your lh surge. With mine we timed it wrong for a few months because I found out eventually I ovulate less than 12 hours after a positive opk. So if I didn’t do the insem until 24-36 hours after it would be way too late.

  4. jennandm says:

    I would inseminate 24-36 hours after your surge. Frozen donor sperm is advertised as living 2-3 days when In reality you have 6-12 hours of swimming time. Good luck!

  5. Becca says:

    We were successful with 12 & 24 past OPK. I knew that I usually O’d the day after a positive OPK. Frozen sperm has a shorter life span, but I don’t think anyone truly knows what the life span is.

  6. Molly says:

    I have nothing helpful to offer, but am super excited for you guys.

    • DeCaf says:

      Thank you. I am just really excited (my test line was a little darker than it has been this morning, so I think it’ll turn positive tomorrow or the next day). And I’m honestly kind of pleasantly baffled at how well this all is going. I had wonky periods in college (randomly 45 days + a negative pregnancy test) when I was stressed. I know being TTC is stressful so I was kind of thinking my body was going to play those games again.
      Sorry for talking your ears off about this, just we’re not talking to people IRL until we have reliable news (are done with the first trimester).

  7. theartist says:

    Hmmm…sounds like you might have a short surge. Was it just the one month? I also have a short surge and the cycle that worked we inseminated 12 hours after the positive opk, 24 hours likely would have been too late for me too. Are you just using one vial?

    • DeCaf says:

      The previous month before that I didn’t get a positive OPK (I was lackadaisical, only testing 1/day, now I’m testing 3 times per day), and the month before that I wasn’t temping at all. So I don’t know. I’ll definitely know more next month. Right now the plan is, if I surge in the AM (tested at 5 am) to inseminate at ~10 pm. I’ll definitely know more for next cycle if nothing else. 🙂

      We are just using one vial (spermsicles are pricey). From what I’ve read, using two vials increases the odds, but doesn’t double them.

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