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So nothing’s really going on, I’m only at 6DPO, so can’t test, just waiting. I was feeling a bit crampy when I first got up, but food seems to have cleared that up (it may have been from yesterday’s workout, who knows). I’m really trying to cut back on my sugar intake during this TWW. It’s hard because eating sugar makes me feel happy, and waiting is stressful.

Yesterday Latte and I went to see The Grand Budapest Hotel, which was lovely and comical and probably a better choice than my original one of that vampire flick (I totally love hating on vampires, but only ones that don’t sparkle, vampires that sparkle don’t exist in my world). It was very cartoony at points, which was nice, and fitting given the utterly non-serious nature of it. I recommend it if anyone wants to see a light hearted hijinks ensue type of film.

Last week I was kind of feeling blah-ish all week. The insemination somehow hurt?! and I was constipated for the whole week. I ate a lot of fruit to no effect. I also felt just exhausted all week. I had decided not to post about this on Friday, but that day I felt randomly crazy helpless. Normally I’m aware I’m a grown adult who is very capable, but Friday I just couldn’t shake the feeling that if I get pregnant my parents will find out and be angry. I’m 32, I really am too damn old to be worrying about angering my homophobic parents. Anyway thankfully that crazy seems to have passed.

I know that none of those things are symptoms of anything real (wayyy too early) but if I only had them after today I would’ve been convinced I may be pregnant. Anyway I was able to do a workout last night and am feeling a bit better today. I’m not sure if I’ll feel up for running today, which makes me sad, but hopefully I’ll be able to do some exercise.

Latte and I are keeping ourselves cautious to pronounce anything one way or the other. She did begin to devour the copy of the Mayo Clinic’s Guide to Pregnancy though. I found a copy at Good Will and like it much more than I liked the sample I have of “What to Expect”

Anyway, that’s what I’ve been up to.


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13 Responses to No news

  1. julieann081 says:

    I’m glad you’re feeling better and I hope you have a good day! I’m sorry to hear about your parents. I often have to remind myself that I’m living my life for me and not my parents (and I’m in my 30’s too).

    • DeCaf says:

      Thanks for the kind comment. My parents are uber conservative Catholic (like the fact that their daughter is trying to get pregnant via artificial insemination is going to freak them out more than if I randomly slept with a guy). Not that they’d be okay with either, but…

  2. turtleflower says:

    First of all thanks for the Liebster Award nomination–that was the coolest thing ever and I’ve gotten some more followers now as a result! In other news, I understand how you feel. We are 6dpo but just 5 days past insemination. My logical brain knows that the likelihood we got pregnant from that attempt is not good, but my heart holds out some hope. I have been waiting and hoping to feel different in some way, but still my normal self.

  3. Almost half way! Keep up the optimism.

  4. Lindsay says:

    Babies have a way of neutralizing negativity. I don’t know your parents, but I do know of stories of homophobe parents who “get over” it in order to play a role in their grandbabies lives.

    • DeCaf says:

      My issue with my parents aren’t just their homophobia. It goes a whole lot deeper than that. But that’s probably a rant that’s for another day, it’s very long and complicated.

  5. I feel ya, friend. We’re 6dpiui and also symptom spotting (was that a cramp? What’s with all this reflux?). Stay strong, we’re almost halfway!

    My parents are also uber Catholic and conservative Midwesterners, and luckily they’ve really come around. I’m thrilled that they’re excited and supportive, but along the way I realized that this is my life and at the end of the day, I de believe they want me to be happy and fulfilled. Chin up!

  6. kirrax says:

    The TWW sucks. I’m 5 dpiui and each new day I wake up excited knowing im a day closer to finding out. We’re just stuck in this limbo of not knowing. Sorry about your parents. I know how you feel. I have learnt how NOT to parent from them. Here’s hoping the rest of the TWW flies with lots of symptoms for us to spot 🙂

    • DeCaf says:

      Friday was the only day in a very long time I wasn’t over my parents being who they are. I’m back to being completely over it.

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