Mystery solved

I figured out why I got that migraine yesterday. I switched prenatal vitamins from cheapo-target to Trader Joe’s (which has no dyes). I’m randomly sensitive to some additive that is sometimes packaged in supplements that contain Vitamin D (some brands of it give me migraines, others don’t). I bet the Trader Joe’s brand has the type that gives me migraines. 

Anyway, one more symptom to cross of my list of “symptoms that might mean something” 

That and my current sore boobs, that have been sore the week before my period since I began getting periods (or maybe before, I really used to hate my boobs as a teen; they were tiny and didn’t really do anything ever besides be a source of pain). 

So no new interesting symptoms.

Carry on, and my fingers are crossed for all of the rest of you who are also in your two week waits. 


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4 Responses to Mystery solved

  1. X says:

    Been following along via my phone and haven’t had a chance to write. Hoping that the rest of the wait goes well, that you don’t Dr. too much, and that it ends with a BFP!

  2. pepibebe says:

    TWW’s are both excruciating & exhilarating I’ve found. They get more excruciating and less exhilarating the more of them you experience… So I hope you only have to have one!

  3. My wife has found luck with the gummy ones. They don’t upset her tummy like the others did though the Rainbow brand was definitely better than synthetic brands.

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