I’m not dead yet. I am thinking of testing  Thursday. Any thoughts?


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11 Responses to 8 DPO

  1. butchjax says:

    Way too early. Wait until at least 16 days after.

  2. Lindsay says:

    I got my first faint positive on the evening of 9dpo. So sure, go for it!

  3. Jen says:

    Not a bad idea…I think I’m going to start testing at 10 dpiui too. Just be prepared for a negative (even if you are pregnant it may be too early at 10 dpo).

  4. I’m trying to hold out for my blood test on Monday (14 dpiui), but am not sure how well that will go. My brain is trying to balance out the need to just do something to get some sort of assessment of the whole situation, and the likelyhood of bumming myself out with an early negative (false or not). Ugh. Luck and baby dust!!

  5. Ugh. I’ve never had a BFP ever, but just speaking from being that girl who has tested at 10 DPO, it’ll ruin your week. It’s so early, getting a negative just hurts you that many days before. Hopefully you’ll get a positive this cycle, but the chances at 10 DPO are low.

  6. AndiePants says:

    10 DPO is pretty early, but it really depends on how badly a negative might affect you. My first cycle, I tested super early but the negatives got me down badly. I waited until 12DPO for all the other cycles.

  7. Molly says:

    Personally, THINKING about whether to test or not makes me crazier than just testing and seeing a BFN. I think it’s just a personal thing. I like to build up my disappointment gradually so that it doesn’t knock the wind out of my sails all at once on testing day.

  8. Caitlin says:

    I wait as long as possible because an early negative (even if possibly incorrect) makes me feel all hope is lost. When I haven’t tested, I can more easily hope. 🙂

  9. Getting a negative test is really brutal. hold out for 12 or 13 dpo if you can, but if you are itching to test Thursday give it a go and good luck!

  10. jennandm says:

    I always thought I would be an early tester but when it actually came down to it I was so nervous I held out and waited for either a period or a missing one! Negative tests are scary to look at. I would wait.

  11. I would try ad wait until at least 12-13 DPO! At the clinic they always said to wait until 15 DPO. Seeing a negative is much less awful than seeing a fleeting positive eventually turn into a negative, which can happen if the fertilized egg starts to implant but eventually aborts itself. That’s the reason we were always told to wait so long.

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