I’m feeling much more optimistic about this cycle than I expected I would. Even though we need to get needleless syringes, and I may ovulate Tuesday, the same day I need to pick up the spermsicle. So yeah, I’m drinking apple cider while I can. (Also, where to buy (offline pref.)?? I couldn’t find any good ones last time, ended up using something a pharmacist gave me which was kind of hard for Latte to work with.) 

Also, did I mention suddenly we don’t need to worry about them selling out of our donor (it went from 0 to 11), also he knocked someone up. I really really really wish I could find out if it was from IVF or IUI/ICI. If his sperm is good at swimming, I’m happier, but if it was injected into an egg to get someone pregnant, I’m less optimistic.

Also I got new glasses that are awesome. 

Work has been kicking my ass. I’m trying to keep up on commenting though. 

I’d just like to do a quick shout out to two bloggers who recently got BFPs, in hopes that their pregnancy luck rubs off on me:

Congrats to Chicklets Mums and Mama et Maman


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7 Responses to Unexpected

  1. girl4182 says:

    I would take it as a good sign either way 🙂

  2. Molly says:

    Just remember, they only pick the best sperm–whether it was IVF or ICI, a success is a success! Hopefully next week will be a great week for both of us!!!

  3. I wish I had suggestions as to where to find said syringes, but alas – we get ours from her lab. Have you checked drugstores? That’s where I would check first.
    Oh yes, apple cider. I better get my drink on, too. 🙂 That stuff is amazing.

  4. h3ath3rd says:

    When you go to the pharmacy ask the pharmacy tech. They have a few sizes in the back and they’ll just give you one!

  5. We got ours off Amazon. You could try medicine syringes or small pet feeding ones. We always just put a little plastic wrap over the rubber plunger.

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