Cycle two Surge!!


So I got this about six thirtyish tonight. So inseminate after work tomorrow? Or the following morning? I’d like to avoid being too early like I was last time.

Here are my previous charts (that have temperature data), if it’s helpful.

Feb (right when I first was figuring out my thermometer):


Here’s my chart from March:

march_chartApril (notice the too early insemination):


And this month:



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11 Responses to Cycle two Surge!!

  1. turtleflower says:

    I can’t give you advice on timing except to trust your instincts. Good luck!

  2. jennandm says:

    Was 6:30 the first time you tested today?

  3. Becca says:

    I usually did it 24 hours after a surge and the timing usually matched up. I would do it before bed tonight and then just go to sleep afterwards.

    • Becca says:

      Looks like your CM is good, maybe check your CP today and see if it’s high soft open- if it is that is a really good fertility sign.

  4. I think as soon as possible… LH only peaks for 1 day os if it’s already showing on the OPK you’re going to ovulate soon… you want the sperm to be in your uterus when the egg is released because the egg is only good for 12-24 hours

  5. theartist says:

    Oh timing…so fun and stressful. It looks like you ovulate pretty soon after surge so I wouldn’t wait more than 24 hours. I agree about checking the cervix though, it’s a good indicator. Good luck!

  6. Check your cervix and CM and make the best judgement call on your instincts. There’s no hard and fast way to figure it out without a trigger shot.

  7. Molly says:

    I agree with ladyloveandbabydust! Good luck! Excited for you guys!

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