14DPO and job stuff

Did my post disappear?! Anyway I wanted to add my chart to it:



I didn’t temp this morning, woke up too late. I think tomorrow I’ll try to get a proper temp. I *feel* like I’m out, there’s no implantation dip, the dip I have been having is too late for an implantation dip I think. I was spotting for a few days (including yesterday which I forgot to mark down).  Again, too late for it to be implantation spotting.

The place I had received an offer from back in Feb is going through with a background check and almost for-certain going to extend another offer to me. I had a phone interview with another firms earlier today. I don’t want to keep all my eggs in one basket as far as this goes.

PS- OMG new PLL tonight!! So excited it’s kind of sad.


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6 Responses to 14DPO and job stuff

  1. Implantation can occur up to 12dpo. You are still above coverline so I wouldn’t give up hope yet.

    Hope your job front goes well.

  2. theartist says:

    Good luck with the job, I hope you get an awesome offer, and I’m holding on to some hope for this cycle. Have you tested recently?

  3. Lindsay says:

    Fingers crossed on both the job and TTC fronts for you.

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