So I made the executive decision to refile my 2012 taxes. I’m gathering Latte’s documentation so we can file jointly. I think that’s the best approach. We were both in school (tax credit anyone?), and Latte didn’t work very much at all, so that should reduce the amount we owe, hopefully considerably. 

Looking forward, we’re thinking of looking into if FSA dollars can be used for donor sperm, and if we want to guess at how many cycles we’re going to need to get me pregnant. (We’ve done two already.) The risk is we don’t have a lot of other medical needs beyond that, so if we put too much in, we could lose it.

So, ten days until my new job! I’ve been working on tutorials to get back into the swing of dotNET stuff and ASP. I already know what my first project will be. Time to do some coding I think. I want to make a great first impression.


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  1. Molly says:

    The FSA will cover OPKs, HPTs and prenatal vitamins, too! I believe the sperm will require a letter of medical necessity, so it’s a matter of having a doctor who’s willing to do that for you. And of course, if you do get pregnant, you’d be able to use it for all of those medical expenses. If I were you, I’d be conservative this year and see where you are when it’s time for open enrollment next year. Since it’s already June, you don’t want to go too crazy. I work for an insurance broker who specializes in employee benefits coverage, so I am well versed in FSA! Of course, I blew through my FSA money a couple of months ago with all of the stuff at the RE. Usually, the money is still all there at the end of the plan year and I go get myself a new pair of eye glasses at the last minute in a panic.

  2. Curious B says:

    We’ve gotten sperm reimbursed also, under medical expense. We used flex spending for Dr visits and meds only.

  3. Becca says:

    You can also deduct sperm and other TTC supplies off your taxes as medical expenses next year if you save all your receipts.

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