Looking Forward

Things are slowly but surely getting better. I haven’t cried in a few days. I just need to call two more places for tax info and then just make an appointment somewhere to work on amending my tax form with a pro.

This week I’m going to get up at my normal work time. I may start jogging on the treadmill again. I should work on getting in shape and not sitting around feeling sorry for myself anymore.

Next week, Monday, is my first day at the new job, and we get to pick up CSA veggies/eggs tomorrow!

Speaking of eggs I’m of two minds currently:

1.) Taking a break from TTC- yeay! I’ve stopped being super militant about temping in the AM. Although it was oddly stable during my period. Whatever. I’ll care more about it when I get to CD 14. I want to do better with timing from OPK positive to what I ovulate.

2.) I still kind of wish this last cycle had worked. Latte said something to that effect as well. Part of me wants to become pregnant ASAP (I’ve been having dreams about inseminations and stuff like that). But I know with job stuff, it’s best to wait until I’ve been employed for a few months first. This job doesn’t have a “probation period” so I’m happy I won’t need to worry about that (also my immediate boss is no where near as quiet or passive as my old one). But it would be good to time things so I can take a FMLA leave if necessary.


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