So, it’s CD11 and I’ve started spotting. Bright red spotting. It’s too early for ovulation. Weird. I think it’s just my body hating unemployment? I’m really glad we’re not going to be trying this cycle, I’m betting dollars to donuts my body is going to think up even weirder stuff to do. 

I’m going to talk to Latte about this, but I think we’ll try double-inseminations every other cycle. Cycle monitoring seems like it’d be the most helpful thing, but it’s outside of what we’re willing to do right now. I think if we do it, it’ll be the last cycle we try, since there’s no way we can keep up that expense. 


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3 Responses to Wut?

  1. Jenn says:

    I have had early spotting like that before. Could be super early ovulation, pre-O spotting, or just stress of unemployment. What are double inseminations? Where you do the insemination twice in a cycle?

    • DeCaf says:

      Yes, two relatively closely timed inseminations. OPKs generally give you a pretty large window 12-48 hrs. I seem to vary from ovulating the day of my first positive opk and ovulating the day after. Also, frozen donor sperm tends to become less useful fairly quickly 6-8 hrs it’s most effective for. So, I’d probably do it 15 hrs and 24 hrs after a positive opk, so I’m sure the timing is alright.

  2. turtleflower says:

    Sounds like a good plan. Since you are wanting to do ultrasound monitoring but it’s not a good thing financially, you might also look into purchasing the Ovacue. It can detect the shift from estrogen to progesterone etc. I have been using one. I think it is a good supplement to OPKs and temping. It is not cheap either though. I

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