Random post is Random

So I’m kind of in a mood today. Not a bad mood, just a mood. So here’s a post with a lot of random thoughts.


My period came yesterday, with a vengeance! First time in a few months I bleed so much that I ended up needing to wash anything.

So now I get to use the instead cups thing (well soft cups actually, reuseable ftw!) and they seem to be working well. Some leakage but not enough to overwhelm the back up pad.

(Aren’t you all happy to know that?)

Also I’ve been really crappy about temping. I need to get back on that train.

Based on FF figuring out my schedule I’m due to ovulate at the end of each month for a while it looks like. This is why we’re considering September. My 90 day review (which I’m not trying before this time!!) is on the 23rd. I should get a good review and then we can start trying. But this is subject to change because my cycle can be wonky, this next one may be a long one (36 days) and screw everything up for ovulating the day after my review. So it may be October before we start. Either way, it’ll be in the fall.

Pluses to trying then:

  • If we succeed early, I may not need to buy a maternity winter coat. Buying one of those seems like a huge waste of money since in MN we need to buy good coats for the chilly as can be weather.
  • A summer baby would make us more inclined to leave the house with the baby sooner than a kid with a Feb. birthday.


  • If it doesn’t work the first time, increased odds of it working a time that would result in being hugely pregnant in August. I already hate the heat.
  • I’m a brat and hate having to wait at all.

Moving on, when I was a kid, I enjoyed Sailor Moon, so I watched the first episode of Sailor Moon Crystal. I had really high hopes for it, after seeing how awesome the animation is for Attack on Titan. Then I saw this:


In the fricking intro animation during the theme song. Ugh. That’s a face from nightmares, so melting.

Also, Jedite went from being a fabuluous villian to being a pretty little school boy.

Old Jedite:


New Jedite:


Sorry to anyone who doesn’t care about Sailor Moon for spamming your feed about it.


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2 Responses to Random post is Random

  1. Never ever apologize about Sailor Moon. Also I feel the same way about the new anime – the hyper manga style is more of a turn off than anything. But I will keep watching because SAILOR MOON. Although new Jadeite reminds me of live-action Jadeite – have you seen the live-action Sailor Moon? It is so freaking hilarious. Maybe a good thing to watch during a September TWW.

    • DeCaf says:

      I re-read some of the manga, here’s the thing, the manga had a wider range of facial expressions than the new anime. It’s like all the facial expressions are based off of a drugged up Kristen Stewart.

      I think I did watch the live action Sailor Moon a long long time ago. I’m probably going to go back to playing Dragon Quest (which I haven’t played since the last TWW).

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