58 Days

I have 58 days to go until I’m officially trying again (cycle-willing). So, because I’m sitting around here with nothing to do, I’ve decided hypochondria is a great pass-time. My wife is a saint.

In other, happier news, I finished The Silkworm. It was good. Better than The Cuckoo’s Calling, which wasn’t half bad. I’m really looking forward to the next book in the series. I’m glad Robin’s fiance became tolerable at the end. I had kind of been growing tired of the whole “Robin loves sleuthing, but her no fun fiance doesn’t like it– PS Strike thinks she’s pretty” thread that was going on. I don’t want to see Robin and Strike together at all. They’re great as friends, but I think the work would consume her in an unhealthy way if she couldn’t go home to a more normal life at the end of the day. But then again, I tend to hate romance in my mysteries to begin with (don’t get me started about how the author handled romance horribly in the past).

Does anyone have any good mysteries they want to recommend for me?

In Pretty Little Liars news, I’m considering writing a very short fanfic about Aria and Ezra both going to jail and become pen pals. I’m not crazy about them as a couple, but Aria really boned up with the Shana stuff, and Ezra, well, he’s been stalking teenage girls for years and slept with a student and I get the feeling Ali’s going to frame him for kidnapping her. And all his equipment does make him look like a crazy guy who’d lock a girl in a basement.

I’m considering making August into a NaNo-type month for myself (not for fanfic, for a novel). To keep busy and stop thinking about TTC-ing. I still can’t believe it’s two more months. Ugh!


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2 Responses to 58 Days

  1. seasonofbabylove says:

    I just started Silkworm and enjoying it. About Ezria (I can’t believe I wrote that) I’m really concerned when I see young girls describing their relationship as ‘so cute/ romantic’. No matter how hard they are trying to turn him into a hero, he’ll always the creep with the evil chickpeas. Please do share the fic if you write it.

    • DeCaf says:

      I’m really glad I didn’t post any Silkworm spoilers then! Ezria kind of sucks as a pairing. I personally hate it, for, as you say, the creep factor. Sadly the producer person seems to love that pairing. Just I can see them both ending up in jail.

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