I’ve decided to just ignore that my cousin is following me, and assume that he won’t figure out who I am. I don’t have any pictures of us that aren’t hidden and will probably keep it that way.


I may password protect posts if I post more about my parents. I know it’s illogical, but I don’t want my extended family to really know a lot about what I went through growing up. It’s not sexual abuse or anything like that, it’s just a lot of really bad decisions compounded over time. I don’t really know how  to talk about it without minimizing it or making it sound worse than it was. A lot of people have been through worse, but it wasn’t fun living through at the time.


I’ve been keeping up well on my running: Sat, Sun, Mon, Wed, and again today. My biggest issue is on weekdays, it’s too hot to run myself and way too hot to run the puppy after work, so I either need to get up early enough to run her before work (and shower), or it’s not going to happen. But anyway, I’m feeling better, and seem to be less bloated or might be losing weight, either way my shirts fit better now.


I’ve discovered yet again, I’m one of the gluten-intolerant folks who can’t do oats. I bought gluten-free oatmeal, made it on Wednesday, and have spent too much time in the bathroom since and have been seriously reminded about how bad my stomach pains used to be. I’ve been gluten-free since 2005. I started the diet on a lark, I didn’t expect it to have any effect except maybe some weight loss. It was amazing, I went from needing a relatively high dose of SNRIs, ADHD medication, never feeling well, and having a lot of migraines to being fairly healthy – I get maybe 4 migraines a year, I can run for a couple miles and I’m passable sane without any medication (I was on a low dose of a SNRI before). I’ve always wondered if it was real though, or just some kind of orthorexia.  I wasn’t really tested until a couple years ago, when I didn’t show a high enough antibody count for it to be “positive” on the blood test for screening. But after the oatmeal, it is definitely real. I had been expecting to feel fine, but nope. It’s real, I’m not crazy, and oats are on the no-go list.


I’m on CD7, should probably start temping again soon, oddly am looking forward to my next period as it will be CD1 of a cycle that we’ll be trying again. So excited! Hoping for a July baby!


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4 Responses to Progress!

  1. Come on July baby!! 🙂

    I’m finding dairy to be my issue lately. I don’t know if I can live without it though. Especially cheese. Lactaid has been my friend lately. Sorry you can’t eat oatmeal. That’s a bummer 😦

  2. It’s so interesting the way our bodies get used to things (or unused!) I stopped drinking soda and now when I have one my body hates me from all the sugar! I also don’t eat meat (it was making me sick), am lactose intolerant, and can’t have most sweeteners or I’ll get a migraine (or seizure) if it wasn’t for carbs there wouldn’t be anything left lol. Food in general doesn’t agree with me, I’ve contemplated trying gluten free many times, but all I hear is how hard it is it scares me off!

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