Okay body WTF?

So, I had just gotten FF to stop calling me irregular a cycle or so ago (the really long cycle I had in January seems to have been a fluke). And it’s been very consistent that I ovulate on day 16 of my cycle.


I got a positive OPK test last night (the first time I tested this cycle CD 13) and today my temp may be up almost a half degree (although I took it late as I slept in and am generally not feeling well today). I marked last night’s test as for today, since it was taken at 9 pm, and that seemed to be what FF suggested. So now FF is confused about this cycle. I’m guessing this is one of those cycles that will only make sense in hindsight.


This cycle is weird, so glad I’m not trying during it.  


PS – I had refused to tell Latte what my dream was that I mentioned in my last post, she found out as she reads my blood, and was happier before she knew. Weird dreams are weird.


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3 Responses to Okay body WTF?

  1. FF is such a jerk. Such judgment. Yay for pos opk though!

    • DeCaf says:

      I was just more worried about what the logistical nightmare ordering sperm not knowing exactly when you need it is. Our first try, we upgraded to a 14 day tank just so we’d be sure it’d keep even if I didn’t ovulate until the latest time I had historically. I kind of feel more confident having tracked 9 cycles. Or I had been feeling that way before last night. Lol.

      • Oh I know that feeling. The first time we ordered I never ovulated! So it went to my gf instead who ovulates like a champ! (Jerk) But that’s my biggest fear for next time too, that the timing will get screwed up! 9 cycles feels like it should be a good go#

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