Busy Bee

I’ve been flying to try and keep up with everyone this week. I’m finishing a project at work, and my boss likes a long list of recommendations I left up on the white board, he wants me to type them up today and tomorrow so he can pass them on to the higher ups. I’ve got the vibe that I’m definitely not going to be let go at the end of my 90 days here. Also, I was told that I am one of the four most productive developers, of like 10, and given that I’ve still got a lot to learn, that’s really great. Next month I’m going to start a project that is essentially redoing the most used part of the website.


TL;DR: I’m doing well at my job. 


Running with Puppy is going well too, I ran with her Monday morning, as well as Wednesday and Thursday after work (I probably won’t go out tomorrow, since it will be raining in the morning and I am planning a date with my wife in the evening). We’re hitting a stride where I can start to push myself harder and to go further. We’re almost running to the dog park and back. I may start just doing that on the weekend, running her there, letting her play for a bit, and then running her home. It’d be a little under 3 miles total and would probably tire her out for the day.


TL;DR: I’m not sucking as much at casual running, but still am not very impressive. 


I teased Latte today since she spent time in a baby isle at Target. She bought Cocoa butter for her dry skin, so that with my prenatal vitamins and how I purchased pregnancy tests a few months ago means Target will probably send me a crazy amount of “you’re about to have a kid” crap. I am looking forward to getting that if I actually get pregnant, but right now I think it’d just stress me out. 

Speaking of which, I ovulated Monday. I had crappy CM and I had gotten the positive OPK on Friday night, so it’s all weird. Normally I got a positive test and my temp is up pretty much 24 hrs after that. I wonder if it’s because I’ve begun adding tempeh into my diet?  

We’re doing well, we have a date tomorrow, going to see a movie (Calvary) and then out to a Japanese bar-sake brewery afterwords. It’ll be fun, we went there after seeing The Wind Rises (which sadly does not seem to be out on DVD yet). Sake is gluten-free and I love Japanese food.


TL;DR – baby thoughts – I ovulate weirdly but every month – my wife and I have a date tomorrow. 


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13 Responses to Busy Bee

  1. What is TL;DR? Hoping your coming cycle is a great one! All that matters is that you ovulate monthly, the date fluctuates fir everyone.

    • DeCaf says:

      Too Long; Didn’t Read abbreviation.
      I’m mostly concerned about timing since we’re doing at-home insemination with frozen sperm.

      • Do you get a week long tank rental? If you do just order it a week before your latest ovulation date. Hopefully that will help you cover your bases.

        • DeCaf says:

          I’m not super worried about that part of it. More, like ‘when after a positive opk do we inseminate’ since it seems to vary from < 24 hrs to 2 days.

          • Just from my prospective, 24 hours seems the most logical. That way if the sperm truly lives about 10 hours or more your fully in the window of the 36 hour rule. To be in the error margin I usually shoot for 30 hours at max. So far since trying this method I’ve gotten pregnant 4 times. However I can feel ovulation nearly each time. It’s trial and error unfortunately.

  2. julieann081 says:

    I’m glad to hear that work is going well. I hope you have a fun date night! 🙂

  3. That’s what that means?! Have a fun date!

    • DeCaf says:

      Yup, it’s basically a summary when you feel you’re being long-winded or talking about things people might not be interested in. We will.

  4. Molly says:

    I’m so happy things at work are going well. I hope the trend continues!

  5. girl4182 says:

    Date night is sooooooooo important! Have fun!

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