One year

I was walking the puppy and walked by this church. Apparently they really want everyone to know they have fertile church members. If having babies was contagious, I might join.


Anyway, I’ve been blogging for a year. Some of you have gone from ttc-ing to pregnant to having a baby within that year. Others haven’t but are varying degrees of close. Others are like me, and are still working on it, for a variety of reasons. I started a blog after reading a lot of other blogs. I had figured, that since I found these things such a great resource, maybe I should document my journey in hopes that it helps someone else.

All of our journeys are different, while I get a lot from many blogs, I feel that my own particular voice has a place here too. I try to be a blogger for the science nerd. I’m not very good about it, but I like to find peer reviewed articles and when in doubt, base my decisions on them (sadly there are too few about lesbians getting knocked up quickly without IVF). But I’m cheap and haven’t found myself in a RE’s office yet. But not cheap enough to use a known donor, as the potential legal issues would worry me (only donor sperm from a facility don’t count for paternity in my state).

I try to keep things interesting, but I don’t have good voice for that yet. This place has become more of a spot where I can leave my worries. It’s a spot where my wife can check it if she wants to know how I’m feeling but doesn’t want to have a whole discussion about it (sometimes you’re just curious).

Anyway, thank you to everyone who’s read me this last year. Hopefully by my blog’s second anniversary I’ll be able to show of baby pictures that aren’t from a nearby church. 🙂


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12 Responses to One year

  1. Jen says:

    Lol about that nearby church. Happy blogiversary! Today is mine too. I totally hear ya, and hope that next year for your second anniversary you are showing off pics of your beautiful baby too!!

  2. butchjax says:

    I didn’t find the RE expensive at all. My insurance covered the office visits like any visit to a doctor. Check with your insurance because the RE makes your life much easier!

    Good luck!

    • DeCaf says:

      It’s not covered by my insurance. Nothing related to fertility diagnostics or treatment is.

      • butchjax says:

        Same here. It’s all in how they bill. They’ll cover you going to the office visit usually. And if they just bill an ultrasound in the right way the insurance covers that too. They covered all my ultrasounds. Just not the medications or insemination. And you can reimburse any of it with a flex spending or savings account.

  3. Becca says:

    I’m glad we never had to go to an RE, but if it had taken longer than the 7 tries it did, we might have. I just feel like going to the doctor and trying to adjust my work schedule to last minute appointments would have been so stressful, not to mention going on medication that altered hormones/mood during an already crazy-making process. But others feel comforted by the sense of more control with monitoring, so for them it’s totally worth it. We’ve talked about the possibility of going with an RE for number 2 if the first couple ICIs don’t work and if I get new health insurance with coverage by that time. Regardless of how you do it, you have to fully commit to the wild ride and variability of TTC. Just thinking about it again gives me a headache lol.

  4. Happy blogaversary! And BTW, when I saw that pic at the top of the post, I totally thought it was a church for lesbians! I mean, it’s all women and babies. Where are the men? I think it’s a church for lesbians. You should totally check it out! 😉 LOL!

  5. Molly says:

    That church sign is killing me! LOL Happy one year! I hope the next year give you that baby without ever having to step foot in an RE’s office. Save those uncomfortable ultrasounds for the fun part when there’s actually something to look at! Come on, Ginger Jesus! (that still cracks me up)

  6. mamaetmaman says:

    It has been wonderful reading your blog and your comments on mine. I value your voice. Happy blogversary! I wish you posts on cracked nipples and dirty cloth diapers for your 2nd 🙂

  7. mummylass says:

    I’ve just started reading you today 🙂 Looking forward to following your journey. x

  8. theartist says:

    Happy one year! Time sure flies by. I guess my blog is about that old too.

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