My period came a day early. Excited to be in a cycle where we’re trying again. Any advice? FF is predicting I will ovulate the 22nd or later. I’m going to call the cyrobank on Monday and see if we can get it delivered on the 22nd in the morning, it sucks with the weekend and how short tanks keep the sample cold for.

We decided GirlCat is going into the vet tomorrow morning, but she is keeping some food down and her energy levels right now are sufficient that we’re not going to the emergency vet (they scare us and are crazy expensive). It’s odd, she’s clearly very sick, but she acts so normal.


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8 Responses to CD1

  1. santosha1203 says:

    Sending GirlCat healthy vibes! It’s so hard when kitties get sick and can’t tell you what’s wrong. Also very excited for your cycle! Good luck!

  2. mamaetmaman says:

    Animals can be so stoic sometimes. Clementine was attacked by a groundhog once, her chin hanging from her jaw, like a flap. She just laid down beside me quietly as I drove like a crazy person to the emergency vet.

  3. jennandm says:

    I have advice! If you have coverage or the money go to acupuncture once before insem and then a couple times after. Also timing is everything but no pressure 😉

    Wishing girl cat a speedy recovery.

  4. Lindsay says:

    Very excited for you! I second the acupuncture. I used it and do believe it helped me conceive.

  5. I third acupuncture. I’ve stopped it due to finances and miss the calming effect it gives before and after insem. Hope your OPK’s are very clear this month and you hit that timing on the head. Try a time you havnt before, nothing wrong with switching it up. Good luck and welcome back!

  6. Red raspberry leaf tea! We are confident it helped my wife get pregnant.

  7. Molly says:

    I’m excited for you guys to give it another shot! Hope the kitty continues to get better!

  8. Becca says:

    Our cyrobank had the option of upgrading to a 14 day tank for $50. I had really unpredictable cycles so it was the only way to keep our sanity when trying to predict when to pick up the sperm.

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