Tomorrow’s the day!

Yesterday I got a blinking smiley face, and today I have this:

Huston we have a SURGE!

Huston we have a SURGE!

The cheapie was very positive too. As soon as it’s after 8 am, I will call.  Called and got them all the information. 🙂 We’re good to go!

Also, we got that book a couple days ago, and it is awesome. Apparently there’s another one coming. I look forward to it. Puppy and Simple Dog have a lot in common in terms of mannerisms (Puppy is fairly smart and knows how stairs work thankfully).


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10 Responses to Tomorrow’s the day!

  1. Becca says:

    Love those smiley faces! Good luck you three (you, Latte, and Ginger Jesus’ donation).

  2. mamaetmaman says:

    Yes I love that book too! So funny. Have an awesome insemination tomorrow!! Go Ginger Jesus go!

  3. Let’s go Ginger Jesus! Let’s make this shit happen!!!! Thinking of ya’ll today…

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