So, I was up at 5:20 am this morning. I was also up at 2:00 am (I fell asleep at 10, but woke up and couldn’t fall back asleep at 1). Anyway, we got to the lab, Latte hopped out of the car and dropped the sample off (all parking seems to be paid parking and I didn’t want to spend any more than needed to park in a suburb today).  She worried about if they were going to actually process it while we hung out at a Caribou Coffee for maybe an hr and I took the ibuprofen as directed.

Then we went back. The lab people wanted to know if we had the thawing instructions. I grew a white hair. It turns out they had washed the sample anyway and were just scaring the crap out of us for their paperwork reasons.

The doctor who normally does insemination was out. So I ended up getting the doctor on call. She was nice. It really didn’t hurt as much as a pap smear.

I got to work a little late thanks to road construction (you all know what the two seasons in Minnesota are right?)

Then, a couple hours, I started cramping. It feels like a really bad period I can’t wait to bleed out from. I had been so happy about how fairly painless the IUI was. Now I just want to crawl in bed and sleep for the rest of the day.

I hope this works, so I don’t have to go through this again. Although the lab guy told us in the future, we can drop the sperm off any time between 6 and 2 pm M-F as an alternative to getting there at 6 am the day of the IUI. That will be most useful knowledge for the next cycle. It wouldn’t have been that bad for Latte if it weren’t so gosh darn early.

Any advice on how to deal with the cramps? Are they a bad sign? Is my body allergic to sperm or something?


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31 Responses to 0DPIUI #1

  1. butchjax says:

    Completely normal actually. Don’t take ibuprofen, or any anti-inflammatories for it. That’s a big no-no, and I’m surprised they told you to take it. But there might be short windows of time where it’s ok. Basically, curl up. Heating pad as long as you don’t make it too darn hot (I haven’t researched this, but it might apply the same as being pregnant.) It shouldn’t last too long though. I never had cramps for longer than a few hours. I was always really tired after though.

    I’d just try to relax and send good, fertile, strong swimming thoughts to you uterus. 🙂

    • DeCaf says:

      Thank you, hearing that it’s normal is a relief. I only took ibuprofen because they told me to, apparently it makes the uterus more agreeable to the whole catheter part of process or something.

  2. wtfovaries says:

    Fingers crossed for you!!!

  3. 2ladiesmakingbabies says:

    Good luck!! I had bad cramps after a couple of my iuis. I took Tylenol.
    And where in Minnesota are you? We live in minneapolis. 🙂

  4. Good luck! Cramps shouldn’t last. Tylenol is safe if needed.

  5. AndiePants says:

    Woo hoo! Agree the cramps should subside soon. Tylenol (sucks) but is your go to for pain while you are pregnant/pregnant until proven otherwise.

  6. Jenn says:

    Is your body allergic to sperm.. lol. It’s like – now you KNOW you followed the right life path? Also, good luck!
    (this is dogsarentkids btw.. long story, new blog, etc)

  7. Molly says:

    Yep, cramps are par for the course. Hang in there! Very excited for you!

  8. I like to think cramps are your body’s way of going “wait, WTF?”
    Also: Caribooooooooou. ❤
    Good luck!!

  9. Lindsay says:

    After I did insems I always got flush like an hour after and felt…weird? I always wondered if that was my body’s weird reaction to sperm/semen. I think the cramps are normal after an IUI. Keeping all appendages crossed for you!

  10. Yeah! Excited for you guys! We’ll be thinking of you for the next two weeks 🙂

    I had cramping like that for two of my IUIs but only during the procedure, hope you feel better soon!

  11. julieann081 says:

    Since you already have your answer about the cramps, I’ll just say good luck with your 2ww! My IUI’s haven’t hurt at all, and like someone else said, I suspect it may be the person’s skill at doing the procedure. Wishing you all the very best! ❤

  12. Rachael says:

    Crossing all the appendages for you!!

  13. mamaetmaman says:

    Sounds like cramps are normal. I never experienced them with my four IUIs, except once but it was more my ovary- I think I had ovulated. But I’m so excited for you and this cycle. I’ve got fingers and toes crossed, and sticky baby dust coming your way.

  14. I get cramping after and IUI nearly always, although the pain is different each time, and I get real bloated. It’s normal I guess. At least IUI’s give the swimmers more time than an ICI. Hope this is it for you!

  15. Becca says:

    I never had an IUI, but I would sometimes get cramps after an ICI so I would think the cramps would be normal for a procedure like an IUI. Lol, I also thought I was maybe allergic to sperm, but apparently not.

  16. Callie had cramping after every IUI and even after the 5DET…so that’s pretty normal. Hoping this is it! Sending lots of love to you guys! Fingers crossed

  17. Fingers crossed for you! Good to know the things to be expected when iui time comes around! Hopefully it eases up soon. Also I’ve been craving a campfire mocha from Caribou since March (last time I was in mn)

  18. Pops says:

    Not sure how I accidentally unfollowed you or WordPress did it! Glad I’m back to catch you’re 2ww. haha “allergic to sperm”! go swimmers go!

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