9 or maybe 11 dpo

I’m spotting. It took all my willpower not to buy a ton of carbs when I ran errands at lunch. I think the red lady is about to appear! 🙂 I’m so looking forward to starting my next cycle. I bought another two months of the advanced ovulation predictor, and I will start testing crazy early as I have a ton of extra sticks now. I think this one will forever be a mystery as to when I ovulated. I really think it was 11 dpo.

I’ll try to continue the Grateful stuff, but it might not be every day. Today I’m beat, I had sugar-free gum for the first time in forever and my GI track rebelled and I was in a lot of pain for most of this afternoon. I think I’m going to throw out the rest of the gum. I’m planning on doing NaNoWriMo this year, so my posting may be more sporadic for the month of November.


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7 Responses to 9 or maybe 11 dpo

  1. NaNooooooooo! Are you going to share deets about what you’re going to write?? Do you know yet? I don’t NaNo anymore, but I did for a long time, so I still get super excite around this time of year. 🙂

  2. The LadyKing says:

    And good luck this next cycle!

  3. Positive vibes for upcoming cycle!!

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