This cycle I’m changing things up a bit.
I’m taking a b vitamin complex. I had been just taking a prenatal and fish oil before. After consulting with doctor Google I’ve decided to take vitex. I did this for a few reasons.
I get hairs on my chin. They’re annoying, embarrassing, and a pain to deal with. I don’t have other symptoms of PCOS. My weight is good and diet and exercise are effective for me and I ovulate every month. My breasts are also often sore after I ovulate, for about two weeks until I bleed (which is always fairly light). I suspect my prolactin levels may be a little high. Vitex regulated prolactin. So hopefully if my hunch is right it’ll help me get knocked up. Also I normally spot for between one and five days before my period, normally closet to five than one and it’s supposed to be good for that too.
Additionally I’m also avoiding sweets and have brought my own utensils to work so hopefully I’ll have less plastic exposure.
I’m not going to run during my tww this time. It makes me sad but it’s going to be possibly too cold anyway and yoga seems to be better for fertility anyway.

Update- after taking vitex for a bit over a week my basal body temperature is kind of 0.2 degrees higher than normal, so it’s 97.9, which makes me wonder if it’s going to jack up this cycle. Any advice?


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  1. Molly says:

    I am not a fan of vitex. I started taking it last year and then the following cycle I bled for 30 days. I haven’t touched it since. That said, though, I have heard it has worked wonders for other women! I hope you are one of them!

  2. I tried vitex for two cycles and each of those cycles were over 60 days long, when mine a&e usually between 30 and 36 days long. I’ve known it work for plenty of ladies, though, so maybe see how it goes?

  3. After a year of trying I added vitex and got pregnant the first month. For my second pregnancy I went on it and got pregnant right away. I have similar minimal symptoms of PCOS so hopefully it works the same for you! I’ve never tracked temperature so I’m not sure about that.

  4. There are many forms of vitex and it’s important to talk with an herbal health specialist to know which one to take. Vitex can mess with you body a lot within the first three months of taking it. The key to most fertility supplements and hetbs is 3 months, that’s the life cycle of your eggs. So every three month the egg or eggs to be matured are ready and have what you’ve been taking for them in them. Hope that’s helpful.

  5. I’ll have to keep an eye on your experience – if you get knocked up this cycle with the vitex, then I might give it a spin. I have a handful of chin hairs, too, and occasional really intense cramps (those are more a thing of the past, tho), which would be my only possible symptoms for PCOS. So if it helps…
    *fingers crossed*

    • DeCaf says:

      Wow, I’ve got the same thing with cramps, they used to be so bad that if I tried using tampons, I’d throw up during my period. But that was in my late teens, early twenties, they’ve mellowed out, and just need a heating pad on occasion now.

      If it works, I’ll definitely let you know! 🙂

  6. Elizabeth says:

    I’m another one who “kinda-sorta” has PCOS according to my RE. I have never had the traditional symptoms or absent ovulation and long periods but I do tend to produce a lot of follicles and more chin hairs than I’d like. After my last IVF cycle my RE added myo-inositol. Look it up when you have a moment. Apparently it’s great for PCOS symptoms. This link has a good summary of the different forms:

    Good luck!

    • DeCaf says:

      That’s a great idea. Frankly, I’m willing to take whatever supplement wise to just not have to pluck every day – reproduction aside. 🙂

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