Definitely bad timing

Oh well. There’s always next month.



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26 Responses to Definitely bad timing

  1. Lindsay says:

    I always look at your charts, trying to figure out what they mean. But I’m seriously in the dark, no matter how many I look at. What does this mean?

    • DeCaf says:

      After ovulation the follicle, now egg-less becomes a corpus lumen, which produces progesterone. Progesterone levels rise and cause a person’s basal body temperature to rise. My temperatures seem to indicate that I ovulated yesterday as my temperature is so much higher today and it happened after an lh surge.
      Basically the IUI was done one day too early, which is bad since washed sperm don’t live as long as fresh unwashed sperm.

    • mamaetmaman says:

      I think it means that she might have ovulated already (large temperature spike)? Decaf- how’s your sleep? The all over the place temps in the beginning tell me that you’re not able to take your temperature at the same time each day or that your sleep is inconsistent. I used to have to set an alarm so that I took my temp consistently, and it helped to even out my BBT charts.

  2. K.M.H says:

    I’m sorry, hun. I hope next month is better. 😦

  3. Lemon Drop says:

    So I’ve never used an app for this stuff and I’ve never charted while trying to get myself pregnant, but I am 90% certain I can feel myself ovulate most months. When I got pregnant this spring I ovulated on a Friday night and inseminated the following morning. When I got pregnant this fall I inseminated on a Friday morning (yes, with frozen) and didn’t feel the egg release until Saturday night. So at the risk of being an unreliable narrator who is blowing unintentional smoke up your ass (what and you thought the sperm imagery was the worst you’d have to contend with?) I wouldn’t necessarily call this one a lost cause. Either way, though, I wish you a thoroughly distracting Thanksgiving and days leading up to/following.

    • DeCaf says:

      Do you just use OPKs then? I’m going to be very busy until December 5th with work so that will help hopefully.

      • Lemon Drop says:

        Yup. Charted in Excel right along with my wife while she was trying to get pregnant then again for the three months leading up to my intake appointment and once the Powers That Be at the clinic agreed that my temperatures were consistent with the OPK readings I stuck that purple thermometer in the medicine cabinet and never looked back.

        • DeCaf says:

          Nice. I’m not sure why I still chart, there’s not an always true amount of time between a positive opk and when I ovulate. It’s sometimes the same day, sometimes the next and rarely, but this time, the following.

  4. Molly says:

    I hate charting. I wish it could predict things instead of just confirming things after the fact. I hope your chart is wrong!!!

  5. It’s not over until af shows! We thought ours was shit timing and Jess progesterone wasn’t even super high and we were pregnant. I know how hard it is but it’s not over yet!

  6. It’s not over til the fat witch sings! Good luck 2ww buddy!

  7. Araneth says:

    good luck next try hon 😦

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