Earlier today, I was having a good day. I got a solid smiley on my CB Advanced Ovulation test thing. I called, sure I was on hold for over 20 minutes, but, maybe they had a lot going on that day?

I got a lot done at work and was working late, to preemptively make up for coming in late tomorrow…

Then I got this in the mail a little after 5.


So, the bank received my returned vials.


Cue heart stopping. I didn’t check to make sure the lab tech emptied the canister, I mean, she was diligent enough to actually reseal it with the enclosed tie, so of course she’s competent enough to unload the vials too, right? I mean, she’s got a degree so she couldn’t have been that stupid right?




A very hurried call to NW later (thankfully all my coworkers had left by that point). Only one vial had been shipped back.

Still. I have to say to P*** N*******


Wish me luck at getting in a new place.

The only silver lining is that they did manage to unpack one of the vials.

I’m going to get an IUI there tomorrow, it’s already scheduled, and they have one vial, so there’s not much else I can do with it. But after that, I really feel like I can’t count on them and am annoyed about having to pay a storage fee at the bank (it’s not the bank’s fault), and having to pay for effing shipping AGAIN on the vial. And they let me know that they can’t promise me anything about the vial anymore. So it could be totally dead. And Ginger Jesus only has IVF vials left. So basically, worst case, I’m out a lot of money and our first choice donor. Best case, I get to spend $250 on storage and re-shipping it.

So much for this being the cheap option anymore.



Next year, we’ll be at a new place. Maybe end up having to have a new donor. Hopefully things will go better there.


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30 Responses to Dunzo

  1. avintageidea says:

    holy balls that sucks!!! I would be livid. Has the office offered to credit you for the shipping?

  2. Um yeah. I’d be raising it as an issue for the incompetent tech to pay. Wow. I’m sorry you have to deal with that. :/

  3. Lindsay says:

    WOW. That level of incompetence is infuriating! I think the office should be paying shipping and other fees that you wouldn’t have otherwise incurred if it weren’t for the error.

  4. Lemon Drop says:

    Totally agree–you should not be paying for this. I hope it works out or, better yet, is rendered irrelevant by a successful IUI. Good luck on all fronts tomorrow!

  5. kayrosey says:

    Oh man, that’s kind of a big screw up! Well, good luck with the iui…maybe the returned vial will be your sibling vial 😉

  6. lululove88 says:

    Uggh, sucks. Sorry about that but hopeful everything will work out…it will come together.

    • DeCaf says:

      It’s okay. I was really upset by it at first — really angry, but that faded and I’m mostly annoyed about it now. TTC is expensive without having to pay for someone else’s very stupid mistakes. There’s no guarantee the clinic will pay for it though. And I really hate confrontations, despite how I may appear online.

  7. julieann081 says:

    Oh my goodness! That is a huge mistake on their part! 😦 I hope your IUI goes well and that this all gets sorted out!

  8. Oh no!! So sorry that happened

  9. Ugh, how awful & ridiculous. Hope they offer to pay for the shipping, at least! Good luck talking to them.

  10. Becca says:

    That some real bull. Hopefully this will be it and you’ll be preggo by the new year, but if you do have to start at a new clinic hopefully they will have their shit together. BTW I didn’t know we were name twins!

  11. I would have called the office last night and left them a really “nice” message, and would be demanding that they pay for the reshipping and storage of the vial, being as it’s their ridiculous fuck up! That is crazy irresponsible of them! I’d be flipping out on a good 4 people this morning!

  12. Elizabeth says:

    I’m very sorry that happened. As you said, this process is grueling enough. As an aside, I cannot stop laughing at those gifs. They’re perfect.

  13. Caitlin says:

    Um, no no no. You cannot pay for this. The office who sent the vial back needs to pay for a new vial, shipping of the new vial, and any costs you incurred from the old vial being returned. There is absolutely no reason you should bear the costs for their error. They have insurance for employee errors (the claim is so low they prob won’t use it) but it’s their problem, not yours.

    • DeCaf says:

      Yeah. I think I’ll ask them to pay for a new vial with shipping. I’m saving the other one but it’s not guarantied to be any good anymore. I don’t mind paying for the restock and storage for it. Just there’s no more iui or even ici vials of Ginger Jesus left. I’ll need to see when of ever there will be more.

  14. That is sooo incredibly annoying! Happy that you got a solid smiley! But I strongly dislike when people drop the ball in such an important (and expensive) way! They should definitely be held responsible for some aspect of that! Hope its better today!

  15. B says:

    Omg how ridiculous! I hope you can get this sorted out and thank goodness you’re moving on to another clinic if this cycle is a bust!

  16. That sucks hun! Two week wait buddies, though. I got my + today

  17. lezbemoms says:

    I would be completely pissed. Your clinic should pay for the storage and shipping fees and be apologizing for their mistake!

    • DeCaf says:

      Yeah the people who were from the lab that I talked to today did not apologize at all. They just told me that what happened didn’t happen and that they follow procedures and can’t do things like give me a copy of the paperwork. It was frustrating.

  18. theartist says:

    Oh my gosh, I’m so sorry. I would be livid. Argh!!!

  19. Rachael says:

    Man that sucks. I’m sorry you are having to go through such a mess!

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