Lefty — a non-traumatic HSG story

I had the test done at the hospital conglomerate I had the lab-issue with. It was half the cost of having done at the shiny new clinic we’re going to be going to Wednesday.

So, I had to pee in a cup to prove I’m not pregnant. Then I went downstairs to check in in surgery, and then upstairs to check in in radiology.

In radiology I was made to wear a hospital gown (I talked them into letting me keep on my tshirt and (non-underwire) bra. And chatted with the radiographer and the student who was there for an internship.

I learned the student had done 2 HSGs before and the radiographer had done hundreds (she’d been in radiology since 1998).

Eventually the doctor showed up. It wasn’t too bad.  The whole insertion part hurt a bit more an a pap smear or IUI (the student offered to hold my hand, and did for a couple minutes until I realized the worst of it was over and I was fine) but it really wasn’t anything I couldn’t handle at all.

The contrast didn’t hurt at all.

Let me interrupt this story and tell ya’ll I spent a bit of last night looking at HSG pictures online. I wanted to have some idea what they were looking for.

Here’s a normal HSG:


Here’s a HSG with blocked tubes (and hydrosalpinx):


I got to watch it on the monitor. The left tube filled and spillage was evident.

The right was not really doing much…. and the spillage from the left was going all over the place. Like it was evident that soon we wouldn’t be able to tell if contrast was from the left or right side.

So then the doctor re-positioned the catheter and got the right tube cleared.

So I have two good tubes now. He really emphasized that it’s likely “gunk” was blocking my right tube, so odds would be better now.


Anyone know what the heck “Possible small focus of mucus towards the left uterine cornu” means? I mean I know the “left uterine cornu” means the left uterine corner, but what’s a small focus of mucus?

Anyway after the end of it I got up and was completely fine the rest of the day, a bit tired, and leaking a little blood here and there, but fine.


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21 Responses to Lefty — a non-traumatic HSG story

  1. K.M.H says:

    No idea what that means… but are you planning on trying this cycle? I’ve heard that BFP rates go up after HSGs because everything is cleared out and open.

    • DeCaf says:

      This cycle is probably out, my temperature has been shy high the last two days, next cycle should be close enough, I hope.

      • K.M.H says:

        Are you that close to starting? My doc said they won’t do an HSG unless it’s CD5 or so because they want to make sure that everything is “cleared out” from the cycle… If you’re close to starting, maybe that’s what the mucus means… because you’d have a lining and all that gearing up for the next cycle?

  2. B says:

    Glad it went well!

  3. mamaetmaman says:

    I’m happy it went as good as it could, and that both tubes are now clear 🙂

  4. AndiePants says:

    Glad it went well and all looks good. My HSG was the worst pain I’ve ever experienced and I’m always surprised and half to hear that others don’t have the same awful time!

    • DeCaf says:

      Yeah, it seems really random if it is horrible or not. In hindsight I probably took a risk by not having Latte there with me to drive me home if it went poorly. I hadn’t paid much attention to the horror stories before the procedure, after I read a few and I was like “wow, that would’ve really sucked”
      Were IUIs bad for you too?

  5. AndiePants says:

    And happy not half

  6. Im so glad to hear that you didnt have a traumatic proceedure. I think i either am a wimp or my tech sucked at his job or both! I dont know what that means but i would assume they would say somthing if it was important.

    • DeCaf says:

      Yeah, the techs didn’t do much, the OB/GYN inserted all the stuff, and that might’ve made it much better as I doubt the tech’s have a lot of experience dealing with cervixes.

  7. Curious B says:

    My hsg was not traumatic either. It felt just like iui to me, with minimal cramps after. My horror story was the hysteroscopy where my uterus got scraped all without anesthesia. We all have a fun story about ttc lol.

  8. Kerry says:

    I got pregnant the cycle of my HSG. I think I did it around CD5. So I’m a big believer that it clears out the cobwebs and helps everything flow better! Good luck!

  9. Molly says:

    I’m so glad you avoided the trauma that many of us remember! I really, really, really hope this cleared everything up and the next cycle will be magic for you!

  10. No clue what any of thateans but glad to hear ypur tubes are clear! phew! Hopefully that helps increase your chances!

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