New Donor

So, Latte got really worried that the incompetent lab tech from the hospital may have been malicious, so we decided to let that sample go (since the hospital reimbursed us for it anyway) and order a new sample.

Ginger Jesus is out of the game until May.

So, we went back to the cryobank’s website. We found a couple we liked. We purchased a couple expanded profiles. We also saw a few guys with potential genetic issues (male-lineage alcoholism, cancer that looked like it might run in the family as it was present in two generations, etc).

The first guy we liked, Latte said “He’s either an awesome dude or a serial killer”, so we read his profile, then we got to his handwriting analysis, and we decided, he’s SerialKiller. His favorite thing to do is take things apart, see how they work, and put them back together. This wouldn’t be worrisome except that his subject of choice is “Biology”.

So, Latte narrowed it down between two. The expanded profiles made the choice easier. Also, I’m never going to buy sperm without it again. In the general profile, the guy’s grandmother is listed as “Healthy, Died in her 40s” then the expanded profile explains that it wasn’t a car accident (a very common way for a healthy person to meet an untimely death) no she died of Lung Cancer, with no notation of her having been a smoker.

So our new guy is Mama’sBoy (he loves and has a lot of respect for his mom) or maybe TaxForm (just a name based on his donor number). We kind of like it that he has his own child already. Because of how young most donors are, I sometimes worry if they fully appreciate what they’re doing.

Anyway, that’s what’s new.

Fertility Friend can’t confirm ovulation this month, and I kind of don’t care. My temps were all over the place because of travel. I’ve started spotting, which is in line with normal if I just got off the OPK result, so it’s going to be all good and I’ll go in for my first TTC-related ultrasound probably early next week.

Any advice for my first cycle with ultrasounds and clomid?


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33 Responses to New Donor

  1. Elizabeth says:

    You guys are good. Picking a donor was HELL for M and I. Once we agreed on one never looked back because the thought of doing it again made us both cringe.

    As far as Clomid, I think you’ll be good. I started at 50 mgs. It really was easy. Are you taking it days 3-7 or 5-9?

  2. Reading this made me reread our extended profile- there are things in there i never remember reading!

  3. Ohhh expanded profiles all the way for us too. I don’t know how I could ever settle for the lower detail banks that give nothing more than physical descriptions & maybe ethic backgrounds.

  4. mamaetmaman says:

    I love the nicknames you and latte come up with! No experience with Clomid, but I hope it does the trick for you!

  5. Advice: take everything with a grain of salt. Being medicated and monitored is a whole new ball of stress and getting crazy with the details can drive you mad. Plus some docs really suck in reassuring you and if you get one know that it could just be them not you. I almost always took 50mgs days 3-7 and would get hot flashes on day 5-7, but this didn’t happen the first cycle. Being monitored it an awesome advantage to timing because your not whole heartedly relying on the OPKs that can so often be wrong. Hope this cycle brings you a little bundle, and if it doesn’t I hope it helps answer some questions.

  6. Becca says:

    No advice, not having gone that route, but best of luck!

  7. I always wonder how accurate those profiles are, which is why we went more worh personality than anything else. Someone that looked similar to me (we did donor matching) and someone who had a lot of my personality traits. We kind of treated it as a one night stand. Different for every couple i guess. Excited to hear more about this!

    • DeCaf says:

      I wanted a donor that looks like Heather and has all of her interests and talents, etc. Turns out, there aren’t a lot of male versions of her.

  8. Lindsay says:

    I took Clomid to conceive Evelyn. It turned me into a hormonal nightmare. But, it worked!

  9. Molly says:

    I’m so impressed that you were able to pick another donor so quickly! I don’t have much advice for the clomid/monitoring. There’s really not much to it, and you’ve educated yourself so well that I think you know what to expect! I really never had many issues with clomid. I did get the occasional headache, but I’m prone to headaches, anyway. Really hoping everything goes smoothly for you!

  10. I’ll be reading closely, since it looks like we’ll be going the same way soon.

  11. 2ladiesmakingbabies says:

    I had hot flashes and a low-grade headache when I was on Clomid, and a lot of pain when I ovulated. But overall nothing terrible, and I hear many women have no side effects at all. Take it at night and be prepared to annoy your wife when you throw the covers off every ten minutes. ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. Ahhh the sperm shopping. Good for you guys for picking another donor so quickly.

    My Clomid/monitoring advice: a) don’t put too much stock in it (I was so convinced that it was the magic pill … just had to remember that there is no magic pill), b) don’t let it drive you too crazy. I was Googling and doing math about follicle growth with all of my spare time. Try to just hear the results and then forget them until the Dr. says it’s time to trigger. Are you triggering?

    Thinking of you guys. Good luck ๐Ÿ™‚

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