So 37 million swimmers, minus the ones that leaked out when the nurse removed the speculum. I put in an instead cup, I don’t think it’ll do that much good, but if I can’t actually feel the leaking happen, I feel better overall.

My estrogen levels yesterday were something like 367, which is good for one mature follicle. So everything’s looking decent. The hcg shot doesn’t seem to have caused any problem for me (I feel no nausea, only I started to feel cold about a half hour after it, but that could be the weather – it’s been below zero a bit lately).

Tomorrow I’m going to start Mama et Maman‘s 14 days blog challenge.


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14 Responses to 0dpIUI

  1. mamaetmaman says:

    The leakage always grossed me out. I am excited to read your TWW posts!

  2. Lindsay says:

    Here’s to a super fast 2ww! I hated the leakage, too. Ick!

  3. Fingers crossed for Ya! Never experienced any leakage myself, but umm, gross! Lol! May you be granted some patience during your tww…

  4. bubsthisyear says:

    Fingers and toes crossed for you both! 37 million swimmers sounds fantastic, by the way.

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